Healthcare Social Networks

We design and develop custom Healthcare Social Networks on web and mobile that can combine all health related discussions at one place.


Market Opportunity

Mobile Health Networking has allowed people to exchange information like never before. Every patient is in search of best care and many patients’ needs quick decisions at crucial points.

DigiPrima has been building social mobile health applications for a couple of years now and it were only a matter of time before we were able to marry these two offerings.

With our new capabilities, we can help you design and develop a niche healthcare social network. Are you looking to develop a medical social network on web and mobile that can provide one to many clinical engagements with real time medical decision-making? Contact us now.

The Challenge

In healthcare, there is a huge lack of proper communication on patient's medical records. Also, patients are unable to manage their records effectively. Doctors are still using fax, emails for taking second opinions and there lies some room for improvement here

The Solution

Medical social network on web and mobile that connects medical professionals and patients together can be a great vehicle to engage doctors in strategic medical discussions by connecting with their peers in the industry.

Most healthcare specialists and doctors have less spare time and may not be regulars via web-based networking media destinations like Facebook, yet contacting with their companions and associates is important factor when critical thinking and attempting to find the best answer for patients.

In order to facilitate easy communication between medical professionals including the ability to ask each other questions, share information, opinions, observations, and more, a number of social networks and apps have been specifically created for doctors and other care givers in the field of medicine.

Network is significant, hence we build the best social network site to establish communication between medicinal experts, where they can learn and share their insight. These professional sharings can be of vital importance for catering to various types of medical needs.


  • Registration: Clinic or a facility registration to make a practice visible to all the active physicians.
  • Brand site: Brand site for healthcare facilities with the ability to share media and text files.
  • Physician profile: Physicians profile creation like linkedin with overview and edit information.
  • Connections: Ability for physicians to make professional connections and view other physician's profile in a network.
  • Groups: Physician groups based on science of their practice or research area.
  • Colleague lookup: Find another doctor of your expertise who can help on a challenging patient case.
  • Patient Records: Upload patient records in the form of photos or videos.
  • Share: Collaborate and discussions on patient's clinical cases by sharing patient records with peers or any doctor around the world.
  • Health wall: Facebook like Wall for physicians to make critical comments.
  • Messaging: Exchange private HIPAA compliant messages with doctors or peers residing anywhere in the world.
  • Privacy & Security: Complete privacy of patient's personal and health information with encryption of data according to set of attributes while sharing PHR with business associates and peers.
  • Text and Video chat: Instant messaging with other physicians for strategic decision making.
  • Medical Imaging: Integration of PACS-DICOM viewer with advanced tool mechanism for view and quick share of diagnostic images for quick consultations and accurate decision making.
  • Blogs/ Journals: Discuss emerging trends, topics and drugs within a doctor's specialty.
  • Topics: Integration of PACS-DICOM viewer with advanced tool mechanism for view and quick share of diagnostic images for quick consultations and accurate decision making.
  • Patient overview: Details of patient's general and medical demographics.
  • Personal Healthcare Info: Access to personal healthcare information like medical problems, allergies, medications, immunizations, drug administration etc.
  • My Physicians: List of physicians to which a patient is connected.
  • Search your physician: Patients can search physicians based on various parameters such as expertise, date of treatment etc.
  • Medical Education: Physicians can create and assign educational topics relevant to patients for them to study about their health.
  • Mobile Apps: iOS and Android apps with above features that provides the physicians an ability to network and discuss healthcare on the go.