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7 technology trends to watch out for 2020


Published 2019-10-01

7 Technology Trends To Watch Out For 2020

The current year has already ushered in a tidal wave of this huge tech innovation; it might be the social robots, personal assistance, the proliferation of voice, etc. The technology has already started to step into innovation. Several core technologies highly dominated all the discussions and continue to be foundational or our collective  digital transformation journey. Among the various gifts of the technology, certain trends top in the list of the most important technology trends of 2020 and now continue reading to know about them.

      5G network

Now, the world is in the instance where the 5G technology is established and but not completely. There are certainly serious concerns over this technology that seeming to unfounded concerns. When this technology gets established, the higher bandwidth will offer more speed on the internet but this will be applicable with the certain simple configuration process. Communication also becomes easier.

       Artificial Intelligence

Among the top technologies, AI has been the most welcoming one where the need of man is eliminated but all the works will be carried out by the programmed machines. Not surprisingly this is found to be completely established in the year 2020.

      Internet of Thing

This has already been established but now it is only in the starting stage. It is expected that by the year 2020 around 65 billion of IoT devices will be connected in the network and works will become easier with such type of technology.

       Prescriptive analysis

Now, it is the time for the predictive analysis and the software will provide certain prompts based on certain user behavior and the earlier interactions. In forthcoming days, the collected user data will be the best option that assists the businessmen.


Today, people are busy with different works and they look for the assistance of the technology and bring certain automation. The companies are also looking for software consulting companies that help in automation in different areas like banking to manufacturing. This helps in enhancing safety, productivity, profitability, and quality.


It is the decentralized ledger that helps in storing and certain exchange of data for cryptocurrency. It is expected that the business will value more than $3.1 trillion by 2030. So it is necessary for the establishment of technology since 2020. With sophisticated architecture, it is possible for technology facilitates smoother interaction and offer transparency.

        Mobile commerce

Mobile commerce has already stepped into the lives of the people. However, there are still a few people who are unaware of the services and do not know how productive and secured the services are. This can be achieved in developing trends.

        Final thoughts

With so many changes, the technology is fast approaching the people for offering them better functionalities. Effectively make use of them to make more out of it.

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