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Education Development Services

The goal of the online learning management system is to create software like LMS, LCMS, and LXP to help organizations increase learning efficiency.

Online learning Software Development Company

The swift technological improvements have changed the global banking and finance industry entirely over the past decade.
The customer demands into this sector are rising, newer competitors are coming in the market and the regulatory authorities are making the rules difficult to follow. Battling all this and still keeping the growth pace high is dependent largely upon technical handshaking with the process and operations.

Online Learning System Management Software Development

DigiPrima is an e-learning software and mobile app development company that drives innovation in the educational process and we help startups, educational organizations, and enterprises use next-generation software leveraging technologies across web, mobile, cloud, IoT, product design, and analytics. Help build to make the learning process accessible, interactive, and affordable around the world. With the emergence of e-learning technologies, there has been an enormous change in the education industry globally. Our team of educational software developers builds e-learning solutions that transform the curriculum of e-learning educational organization content inventors and students. School can be managed professionally and education can be improved with the steady contribution and awareness of parents. Our e-learning solution allows higher education institutions to deliver offline learning to a geographically distributed student base using web applications as well as mobile apps.

E-learning Software & Application Development Services

Virtual Classroom

Intuitive designs enable teachers to deliver lectures with an improved level of efficiency.

Distance Learning Programs

Share the educational content with the students and enable them to a better learning opportunities.

Online Training

Deliver the online training to the learners situated far from you to our easy-to-integrate solutions.

Educational Games

Introduce your learners with an easier method of learning through educational games.

Test paper Evaluation Software

Let your candidates get assessed fairly above any favoritism with our Test Paper Evaluation Software.

Pilot Training Portals

Test the verifiability and scope of scalability of your training portal with our pilot training portal solutions.

Corporate Training

Hire manpower and keep them trained enough to have efficient deliveries with Corporate Training Solution.

Simulated Experiment Software

Make learning easier for your students through our comprehensive and advanced simulated experiment software.

Our Online Examination System Features Rich With Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology

Artificial Intelligence Technology

Candidate Authentication

Verification through OTP, Emails

Human-based Proctring

Live and Recorded Monitoring of Exams

Mercer|Mettl Secure

Disabling Websites and Software

AI-based Proctoring

95% Accuracy in Cheating Detection

Examination Platform


Robust Information Security and Data Privacy

Feature Rich

Variety of Question Formats and 6+ Simulators


Tailored to the clients needs


Highly Scalable cloud-based platform

Transforming technical advancements and exploiting them to the optimum level.

education software development company

The Education Industry is one of those industries that adapted to the perennially transforming technical advancements and exploits them to the optimum level. The challenges that the industry faces are enormous from lack of proper methodologies to forced uniformity in learning, and amidst everything, something that has helped the industry to deal with a lot many problems and still managing to evolve is the integration of technology in everything from process to operations.

From minimum viable product (MVP) to finished product, DigiPrima developed several apps for iOS and Android. The products engaged users and immediately stood out on the market, while the team’s speed, efficiency, and comprehensive expertise impressed the client during the entire cooperation.

Education Software & Application Services

E-learning Application Development

Our experts build high-end applications with a multi-device solution to give you an interactive learning experience. Whether your users select a phone, a tablet, or a desktop - our developers can build a solution for easy access to all devices. Our expertise in educational application development enables us to blend leading technologies and a fabulous design to produce applications of any difficulty and purpose.

Learning Management System

Not only educational institutions benefit from e-learning solutions. Most organizations actively use education software development. Enterprise LMS solution enables your education business to keep an employee onboarding, manage records, and also track their retention and development. Keep your employees up to date with the latest trends in your business area using personal information and evaluate their progress.

E-learning education platforms

Achieve more with web-based scalable learning and training systems that enable all learning materials to be stored in one place, control and facilitate the learning process, and also assess student or staff progress. DigiPrima experts provide fully automated, tailor-made on-premises e-learning development services that streamline learning and training processes.

School Management Software

Our highly dedicated development team builds custom school management software with an individualized student information system that includes built-in functions for full visibility and control over scheduling, attendance, and academic results. The solution permits users to manage full records without filling out paperwork, and incorporate mobile alert system integration.

Ready to build your custom application solution?

Moodle Customization

Moodle, or Modular Object-oriented Dynamic Learning Environment, is a Google-powered, open-source and free educational system development platform. It aids in the creation and design of learning environments by using the many plugins available in the community. It is quite extensively feature-rich which is a reason why it is popular among the developers in education sector.

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Education Project

We strongly believe that embracing Digital transformation is the primary need of any business to stay in tandem with perennial advancement. Hence, we deliver unveiling.

Anywhere- Anytime Learning

Anywhere- Anytime Learning

The typical classroom technique requires that learning be limited to a specific location and time frame. We believe, learning should not be time-bound. Nor should teaching be. Vedantu breaks the shackles of time and place, liberating learning and teaching from the limits of time and location.

Auto Proctoring & Intelligent Online Hiring

Smart – Seamless – Swift Through its advanced yet user-friendly capabilities, The Pro-Automated Proctoring System by Webb9 can simplify all the complexities in the overall recruitment mechanism and speed up the hiring process by 70%.

Auto Proctoring & Intelligent Online Hiring
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