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Best ERP Software services for Manufacturing industries, ERP systems can boost
productivity and efficiencies for product development companies.











Why Are Our ERP Software Development Services Right for You?

The IT revolution is aimed at enabling businesses in the manufacturing industry to make faster, smarter decisions, all while reducing costs.

In spite of constant denial even from the experts, this industry has shown significant growth. The manufacturing industry has made some incredibly tremendous strides in technological integration despite the continuous changes and challenges every now and then, impeccable design innovations from startups, and a shortage of qualified and trained employees. Digiprima provides manufacturers with Customized ERP software solutions to take advantage of responsive manufacturing, industrial automation, and well-organized production preparation with remote asset management. Digiprima builds customized software solutions for manufacturing industries based on advanced technology.

Case Study

We Speak Through Our Work

To achieve the brand's objectives, we build effective strategies. Here are some of the exceptional works our custom manufacturing software development company has done for brands.
The data is used for a Swiss-based manufacturing company in order to report on sales and costs as well as to use it as a business intelligence tool for making decisions. We developed an end-to-end solution that allows multiple locations to submit their monthly sales and cost data online.
Digiprima developed multiple apps for iOS and Android, from the minimum viable product (MVP) to the finished product.

ERP Software for Manufacturing


Digiprima develops custom software solutions for the manufacturing industry to aid them in taking the benefit of responsive manufacturing, industrial automation, and well-organized production preparation with remote asset management.

Digiprima leverages advanced technology to build custom software solutions to help manufacturing industries make data-driven results. Whether startups or large industries, our full spectrum of manufacturing software development services helps you increase output. We help streamline the manufacturing procedure and production components with a custom CRM and an ERP. We also develop tailored applications for industrial automation, remote inventory management, and well-organized production planning.


A business must embrace digital transformation in order to stay on top of the perpetual advancements. Therefore, unveiling our solutions ready to deploy:

Powerful Strategy Collaboration Platform

Organizations that grow face challenges in trying to align their strategy with the business objectives of the stakeholders they are trying to reach and the internal capabilities they must have in order to satisfy those stakeholders.

industrial manufacturing software
iot software development company new york

IoT Enabled Water Irrigation Solution

Telequa is a company that specializes in the optimization of water consumption. Telaqua's goal is to harness its expertise in big data and IoT in order to improve the management of this water.

Go for well-crafted Manufacturing Software Application solutions?

Custom Manufacturing Software Development Services We Offer

These are areas where we can deliver bespoke services that have a long history of stunning results with our talented team infested boldly with brains:

Optimized Resource Management

We deploy a system that analyzes the availability of resources – tangibles, non-tangibles & humans, and devise a utilization strategy for maximum utilization. Our system ensures that our clients gain maximum profitability with the utmost occupancy of every resource.

Developing CRM & Trucking Applications

Our manufacturing clients have a vast network of supply chains. To minimize confusion and maximize efficiency, we develop CRM and trucking apps that are automated and, even with the least or almost no human intervention, can still function in a way to achieve the desired outcome.

Vendor-Managed Inventory Models

Some manufacturers have a distribution strategy, whereas some prefer to cater to consumer-based demands. For the manufacturers following the latter principle, our system can take order requests from vendors and accordingly devise an efficient production schedule for efficient inventory fulfillment at all times, with no over- or under-stock.

Customized Fleet Management

Manufacturers can have their own vehicles for different purposes. We offer a customized fleet management system so you can manage any number of vehicles of any type. With a customized system, you can rest assured of maximum efficiency as loads, stocks, trips, and beat distribution, and everything gets organized.

Database & Data Warehousing

We offer cloud/server/hybrid database management and data warehousing. You need not bother about the security of data or breach from any unauthorized data handler.

Integration With ERP & Financial Systems

We create systems that are easy to plug and play. Our software can easily be integrated into other existing systems, or other tools can easily be integrated into our system. In all, any existing ERP or financial software that you have or you want can be deployed and synced to keep everything in tandem.

Documented Management Systems

While processes are important in manufacturing, documentation can not be underestimated either. Hence, we develop sophisticated systems that not only manage documentation properly but can also be configured as per the needs of any other business management system or any other compliant authority's standards.

Shipping And Logistics

We offer easy integration of shipping & logistics management systems. We can provide a solution developed from scratch or something that's only a plug-and-play module.

Logistics Management For Air, Sea, And Land

We offer cloud/server/hybrid database management and data warehousing. You need not bother about the security of data or breach from any unauthorized data handler.

Advanced software platforms for your business

Mobile & Web App

Manage the people, processes, and operations with utmost competence and have better-streamlined processes.

IoT Industrial Manufacturing

Let the processes, technology, and features interact smartly with each other and conclude high-yielding decisions.

Cloud Infrastructure

Have a cloud infrastructure that targets and achieves the desired values for your business.

Credentials That Make Us Who We Are

We have delivered outstanding custom manufacturing software development services to our clients. Discover how we are unique and why you should hire us for manufacturing software development that is incomparable.

  • 100+ Adept Developers
  • 50+ Solutions Deployed
  • Onshore/Offshore hybrid model
  • SaaS solution development
  • Highly preferred worldwide
  • Integration and optimization of supply chains
  • Industry-specific solutions
  • Strategy tailored as per the business needs

Steps For Tailoring Your Solution

Digiprima's Manufacturing Software Development Life Cycle Many people prefer custom manufacturing development services that are powerful & feature-rich. Digiprima Technologies is a center of excellence for manufacturing software development services, providing clients with customized solutions enabled with greater flexibility and scalability. Digiprima Technologies has a long history of working with manufacturing businesses of all sizes. The company's manufacturing software developers are experienced and knowledgeable in diverse domains and a wide variety of applications, as well as getting into the weeds with each of the solutions they develop.

We offer clients comprehensive manufacturing software development services on a flexible engagement model aligned with quality and performance standards at an international level.

Common Development Steps

Software systems are designed to solve problems. Most development processes include these steps, which describe the general steps taken to accomplish this. During the process, the client's requirements are reflected in a system that is characterized by quality and accuracy.

Data Analytics Foundation


In this phase, the customer's information is collected to develop the product.

Data Analytics Foundation


We prepare a design document based on extensive analysis.

Data Analytics Foundation


Upon receiving the Design document, the developer begins implementation.

Data Analytics Foundation


Once the modules have been released for testing, testing begins.

Data Analytics Foundation


The developer starts the implementation process once testers approve it.


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Build Strategic And Business Insights With Our Data Analysis Consulting Services

Digiprima corporate software development agency is available 24 hours a day, every day of the week, to collaborate and assist you in finding the best approach and technology that will assist you succeed with business intelligence, big data, and data science solutions.