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One of the powerful sectors where Blockchain Technology has made a splash is in the Fintech Industry

Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions and Services

IoT is a connectivity of all physical devices which are connected through internet and able to exchange (send and receive) data. The objects include vehicles, smart phones, gadgets, wearable devices, home appliances, and many other physical devices as well as human.IoT works to make possible for the objects to communicate between each other through data exchange or sensor using the different communication means including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, NFC, iBeacon, Bluetooth Smart, Rfid Etc. IoT app works as a bridge enables physical devices to communicate with each other.

Our IoT App Development Services Include

At Digiprima, we offer a complete range of Internet of Things Development services using the most advanced technology and proficiency of our team of veteran IoT app developers. Our expert IoT solutions help you to transform your devices into smart devices. Our range of services includes:

IoT App Development

IoT Implementation & Support

IoT Gateway Development

Hi-End IoT Solution With Rich Architecture

Connectivity With Wearable Device

App Security Consulting

Voice Enabled Technology Solutions

IoT - Cloud Platform

IoT Maintenance Services

IoT Connectivity

Cloud platforms

operating system

Web Services Application

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IoT Technology

IoT Technology








Iot Project

We strongly believe that embracing Digital transformation is the primary need of any business to stay in tandem with the perennial advancement. Hence, we deliver unveiling.

Iot Project Telaqua


Telaqua is a company specialized in the optimization of water consumpation. Telaqua's ambition is to put its expertise around bid data and IoT in the service of better management of this water.

Prkruti Mobile Apps & Website

Prkruti Web and android app is the smart solution for the Outdoor Air quality tracking. The software solution integrate with the hardware to monitor the air that we breathe The embedded hardware solution send the data to the AWS server.

Iot Project Prkruti Mobile Apps & Website