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Our Outstanding Services

Your Path to Success Begins with Our Custom Software Solutions.

As an established custom software development company with eight years of experience, we prioritize our clients above all else. Our client-centric approach ensures that we consistently deliver high-quality solutions tailored to meet your needs.

  • DigiPrima holds the prestigious ISO 9001:2016 certification, reflecting our commitment to quality in all our IT endeavors.
  • Our headquarters are situated in Indore, renowned as India's cleanest and most livable city.
  • We have successfully delivered over 2200 projects on time, showcasing our dedication to meeting deadlines.
  • With a team of over 100 skilled professionals working in-house, we boast industry-standard infrastructure and robust security measures.
Leading IT company

Customized Solution Engagement Models to Simplify Your Workflow

On-Demand Talent Solutions

At Digiprima, we specialize in providing flexible workforce solutions tailored to meet the evolving needs of our clients.

On-Demand Talent Solutions

Clients can access our services through a hiring model, and there has been a substantial increase in the prevalence of virtual employees.

Fixed Cost Model

Our fixed-cost hiring model provides clients with the opportunity to engage our services seamlessly.

Fixed Cost Model

Our fixed cost hiring model provides clients with the opportunity to engage our services seamlessly.

Bucket Hour

Gone are the days of traditional workforce arrangements. Our innovative "Bucket Hour" approach allows clients to optimize resource utilization.

Bucket Hour

Gone are the days of traditional workforce arrangements. Our innovative "Bucket Hour" approach allows clients to optimize resource utilization.

Empowering Industries through Innovative IT Solutions

DigiPrima is committed to revolutionizing industries through innovative IT solutions. We specialize in delivering cutting-edge technology across more than eight industry verticals, empowering businesses to achieve excellence. With a demonstrated history of success and a wide-reaching client network spanning the globe, DigiPrima has established itself as the preferred partner for a diverse range of industries.







business intelligence

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence





Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas

Accelerate Digital Innovation with Our Custom Financial Application

We are dedicated to helping people digitize the way they pay, buy, and invest. We would be happy to share our passion as well as our years of experience in bringing your business into digital life. We use the latest technologies including IoT, AI, and Blockchain to develop user-friendly and secure fintech apps.

Why Our Fintech Application Development Services?

Round-the-clock support and maintenance

The fintech landscape is always changing, and we help you stay at the forefront of it by providing face-to-face support and guidance to your application.

One-stop design, development and maintenance

We develop an integrated financial solution for online banking, payment, and exchange services, backed by a strong UX that delivers full security and protection.

Multi-Platform Responsive Design

Customers love when their favourite apps follow them across all of their devices. Our experts develop fintech applications that work on desktop, mobile, and tablets.

Security and Compliance

We are committed to developing a PCI-compliant fintech app by leveraging top-level security technologies and standards.

Billing & Payment Solutions

We are a global fintech software development company that provides payment and billing solutions, along with transaction statistics reporting. Our solutions enable full-cycle billing and payment workflows, as well as provide detailed transaction statistics and reporting. We help businesses implement mobile billing and payment solutions so they can run their business effectively across all devices.

  • Payment processing
  • Credit card processing
  • Billing scheduling
  • Overdue statements
  • Recurring and subscription payments
  • International remittance
  • Partial payments

  • Diverse invoice types
  • Tax calculations
  • Invoice tracking
  • Payment reminders
  • Invoicing of several entities
  • Multi-currency invoices
  • Calculation of charges

  • Contactless payments
  • Mobile point-of-sales
  • Online payments
  • Self-service kiosks
  • Peer-to-peer payments
  • Money transfer applications
  • Loyalty applications
  • Mobile wallets
DigiPrima provides a complete solution for data analytics and financial software development. This includes the delivery and deployment of scalable, secure, and compliant data warehouses, OLAP analysis, and artificial intelligence algorithms. Our financial data team understands that reliable and scalable infrastructure is essential to business success so we ensure that your technology solution is scalable, secure, and compliant at all times.
  • Streamline planning
  • Accelerate forecasting
  • Make decisions faster
Automated aggregation of financial data into a single tool with interactive dashboards, data visualizations and end-to-end workflows.
  • Income statements
  • Balance sheets
  • Cash flow statements
  • Statements of changes in equity
We use statistical modeling and machine learning to create algorithms that can predict global financial market trends and potential business outcomes equally well. Predictive analytics helps you understand customer behavior, assess risk, and make better decisions about business
  • Profitability analysis and modeling to define the most effective products, services, and sales channels, as well as to estimate business growth potential
  • Planning and budgeting with what-to-know analysis to test estimates and predict the impact of changes
  • Deep learning-based investment recommendations and portfolio optimization
By applying advanced fraud-detection algorithms and an engine to online payment platforms, we can continuously record and inspect transaction details, analyze behavioural patterns, and distinguish real threats among millions of events to block malicious actors in real-time.
  • Detect breaches and potential threats within scattered incidents with an AI-based model.
  • Take immediate action against suspicious activity.
  • Detect and eliminate fraudulent activities by reviewing historical data.

Next-Gen Fintech Software Development Solution

Our developers leverage their financial software development expertise to build robust fintech solutions for revamped workflow management.

Ready to build your custom application solution?

Healthcare Software Solutions

Achieve your most challenging goals & make data-driven decisions with innovative software solutions.

Building Better Products For The Healthcare Industry

Collaborating with DigiPrima will give you custom and human-centered software applications for your healthcare or research company. With our design strategies and development, we can help you improve the lives of your patients.

We are a team of T-shaped medical experts ready to assist you at every step of your custom healthcare software, and hospital management system development journey. Get started using our healthcare software services.

  • Experience working with HIPAA, HITECH, and FDA requirements and healthcare standards.
  • Enterprise options for cloud and mobile applications.
  • Service Options Staff Augmentation and Fully Managed Solutions.

A healthcare professional is taking notes on a clipboard using Healthcare Software Solutions.


Integrate ChatGPT in mobile application

Increase Productivity With OpenAI ChatGPT Support

Empower your team and delight customers 3x faster by accelerating time-to-reply with an AI Chatbot. All your content in one place to create, integrate, analyze, and optimize.

Get better results with OpenAI ChatGPT and be confident in your writing. Whether you’re writing to inform, persuade, educate, entertain or express yourself.

  • Reduce operational costs.
  • Reduce agent churn.
  • Increase user's loyality.

Dynamic User Designs, Smarter User Navigation

Product Innovation To Maximize ROI, Advance Business & Create Amazing Customer Experience. DigiPrima UI/UX experts will design the perfect desktop, mobile, or web application to meet your specific business requirements and industry needs.

  • Information Architecture Design
  • User Experience (UX) Development
  • User Interface (UI) Development
UI UX Product design
Fabric js Developers

Using Three.js/Fabric.js to Add 3D Elements to your Websites

Eye-catching 3D animation solution for businesses to sell their products and services to target audiences with flawless flow. At DigiPrima, we focus on excellent and creative 3D content and seamless emulation of 3D graphics to make our users' experience impeccable.

Change this to - The artistry of 3D animation breathes dynamic vitality into video content, elevating it to new heights of engagement. The unwavering commitment of our 3D experts is the cornerstone for delivering superior 3D services. Engage with our seasoned team of 3D animators, adept at navigating intricate projects with ease and delivering exceptional results.



Person holding a smartphone with a digital payment code onscreen, beside a coffee cup and a plate with food, showcasing an Equipment Management Software interface.

Pay With Cell Phone. Easy, Rewarding, Safe

See this Project


See this Project

Two mobile phone screens featuring an automated HIPAA compliance system for a medical appointment reminder and a digital check-in QR code for an annual physical checkup.


  • Communicate with your provider. Get reminders.
  • Manage your appointments.
  • Access your test results.
  • View your medications and request refills

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What our clients have to say about us

DigiPrima worked very hard on our project at short notice with Node.js and Mongo experts!!! Their help in our Mean stack development project was much appreciated! Great team to work with.

Director of Business Development

DigiPrima Technologies is a highly skilled team with an eye for details. The project management and communication were really good and the dedicated project manager did a great job keeping things together.

Founder/Managing Principal

AMAZING work! DigiPrima knows how to troubleshoot and is quick and reliable. I HIGHLY recommend DigiPrima. they back up their work and they will now be my “go-to” person. Very professional and creative.


Working with DigiPrima has been highly rewarding, and stimulating.The DigiPrima team builta secure, all-in-one online Equipment Finance platform for me. I really appreciate your help and enjoyed working with you and wish you all the best.

Financial Software Development & Data Analytics Overview

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DigiPrima is available 24 hours a day, every day of a week to collaborate and assist you in finding the best approach and technology that will assist you succeed with business intelligence, big data, and data science solutions.