Custom Healthcare Management Software (HMS) for ID Care

DigiPrima specializes in providing custom healthcare software solutions as a part of hospital management, automating HIPAA
compliance using ADAudit Plus and meeting all the requirements. Take a quick look at our ID care case study.

Building Custom Healthcare Solution | Automated HIPAA Compliance System

HIPAA compliant CRM Software Solution


ID Care is a leading healthcare organization based in New Jersey, USA, recognized globally for providing infectious disease speciality services.




  • Laravel 5.2
  • My SQLi
  • HTML5, CSS3
  • JS, Jquery
  • Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator


ID Care is NJ's largest network of board-certified infectious disease specialists. With over 50 certified physicians onboard, ID care delivers customized solutions to each patient. Clinical leaders, researchers, and expert physicians focus on identifying, treating, and preventing infectious diseases.

Healthcare System Software Solution


ID care provides comprehensive solutions for its patients and specializes in treating infectious diseases. With a growing team of clinical experts and patients, they have faced quite a few challenges over time. DigiPrima focuses on providing Custom Healthcare Software Development solutions.

The HIPAA Act is in itself a challenge. Additionally, there is a need to create user accounts for the management, patients and doctors. It is quite impossible to manually keep track of all patients, medicines and experts. Thus, there is a need to Build HIPAA Compliant Software.

Therefore, ID care decided to build a hospital management software that can help keep track of patient records, medicines, inventory status, physicians, generate reports as per HIPAA guidelines, etc. They needed cost-effective software, a simple user interface, and extra tools to help manage the overall organization.

The Solution

With the need to comply with HIPAA guidelines and resolve the challenges immediately, Digiprima took up the HIPAA Compliant Software Development process. The CRM HIPAA Compliant software has certain features which make it easy to create, modify and handle multiple accounts simultaneously. It includes login facilities not just for the admin but for the staff and physicians as well. Digiprima successfully managed to implement the following in the HIPAA Compliant Software Solution.

  • Patient and hospital records were computerized.
  • Checking the availability of MD Stewards and Provider MD.
  • Scheduling appointments.
  • Inventory Management.
  • Generating Reports on patients, medicines and stocks.
  • Updated information.

 healthcare system software development

Key Features :

Privacy of patient’s Healthcare data:

The data privacy requirement covers patient personal information as well as clinical history, laboratory reports, medication and other payment-related information that should not be disclosed.

Safeguard Patient’s electronic data:

PHI must be stored securely and various encryption methods must be used to transport data over a secure channel. Database encryption and file storage must also use encryption

Secure Administrative Structure:

This requirement is to reduce paperwork and make information clear and easily accessible, securely in a centralized repository.

  • Transmission of Electronic data.
  • Structured Classification.
  • Preventing Health Care Fraud and Abuse.
  • With an additional set of safety rules, HIPAA empowers to prevent health care fraud, breach of information and personal abuse.
  • Medical Saving accounts.

Our Technical Expertise

Our approach allowed us to provide our client with:

  • An optimized, transparent and predictable development process with defined roles and iterations.
  • A continuous delivery model and timely product deployment.
  • Superior quality of code due to continuous integration practices that control defects during build and integration sprint cycles.
  • A maintainable and scalable product thanks to a properly designed architecture and properly refactored code.
  • Enhanced collaboration between product owners and development teams.
  • A quality assurance competency lead who is responsible for setting up all test case tools.

Custom Healthcare Software Development Overview

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