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Web & Mobile App Case Study

We have delivered a wide range of projects with 50% efficiency. Take a look at our web & mobile development case study.

Pay With Cell Phone. Easy, Rewarding, Safe

The mobile payment solution that combines contactless payment by smartphone with digital value-added services and enables payment from merchant and banking apps.


Our patent pending GPS technology helps restaurants locate their customers anywhere in the parking lot. This eliminates the need for marked or reserved parking, and provides customers with an exceptional pickup experience.

Finexchange–Online Syndication Desk

An online platform that Improves Efficiency & Transparency between Buyers and Sellers in the Equipment Leasing Syndication Marketplace.


At ID Care, we have over 50 board-certified physicians with an intimate knowledge of infections and how medications interact with them. Through our expertise and compassion


CarsBeat is an Autoparts Multi-Vendor platform. We are the dedicated and exclusive platform for buying and selling New & Used Spare Parts and Used Cars in UAE.

A Safer Walk

A Safer Walk is a free mobile app dedicated to helping women safely connect with other local women, in any moment, to share: quick walks through questionable parking lots, longer walks home at night from school or work, sharing cabs or public transit, or just getting together for a jog, gym, or some time outside.

Neural Marker - Annotation And Training

NeuralMarker is an accurate Deep Learning models that can work in the real-world scenarios. NeuralMarker has been built using the expertise of the world-renowned AI experts who have experience of developing several of production grade AI models.

OWL SITE - Remote Monitoring Solution

OWL provides a custom web portal for Propane Dealers and Marketers, streamlines the monitoring process, and enables dealers to increase revenue with our patented Pay As You Go option.

React Native Dating App

Go Beyond Your Social Circle And Connect With People Near And Far. You’re about to have the best online dating experience — all you need are some good pics and a solid bio to stand out. Healthy relationships are central to living a positive, productive life.


10GenJobs database for jobs and candidates is fine-tuned on a daily basis using Artificial Intelligence. We continue to collect more and more data points to yield the best results for the candidates as well as for the organizations.


ReplenishMD The newest social network website for the Healthcare Industry, ReplenishMD is focused on connecting "verified and certified" physicians from around the world, with plans to expand even further globally.


SchollyME is the fastest growing sports social network for athletes, coaches, and fans worldwide, based in California, USA.

Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

TNT Canada is a part of the Leukemia &Lymphoma Society of Canada (LLSC). TNT is the world's largest endurance sports training program, preparing people of all athletic abilities.

Street Authority

Street Authority is a online popular platform across the globe and based in Canada . It is developed for Stock Quotes, Stock Tips & Investment Strategies.

Telaqua - Smart Agriculture & Irrigation

Telaqua is a remote control solution used to improve water consumption and very useful and important for agriculture industry and in farming.


BetHite is a P2P Sports Betting Platform that enables the users to place bets and also offers in-house odds.

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Loan Moksha is one of the most popular finance marketplace in India, which provides loans from banks or lending companies to interested borrowers.


MDout is a healthcare research and analytics company in United States, That focuses on empowering health organizations to be able to better track, manage and improve health data.

My Thana App

India's First Police App with Video Call & Inter State Police Verification. This App is extremely helpful for all the registered users and their family especially the woman and elders staying alone.

Trucker Hangout

Trucker Hangouts is the first social media platform built just for the Trucking Industry! It is a thriving community where thousands of active members interact and communicate daily.


PrimaPlus is a visual strategic planning & execution software. It helps organizations to formulate strategy, then properly structure and disseminate it throughout the organization.

Sigvaris Group

As SIGVARIS GROUP, we are a reliable and experienced partner to our customers around the world which include Pharmacies, DME, Orthopedic and Medical Specialist stores as well as Medical Professionals and Hospitals.

Visuall Ai

Visuall ai is an AI Image Generator web app with multiple methods of AI image generation. Using visuall ai you can turn your photo into a masterpiece. Using text-to-image AI, you can create artwork from nothing but a text prompt.

Newlane University

An innovative AI tool that assists you at every stage of the writing process. Generate custom text with compelling facts that are backed up by reliable sources. Create unlimited smart content - Personalized learning, Smart content creation, Digital lesson generation, Customized data-based feedback.

Paint Bucket

Paint Bucket is an online fashion design software that helps you create unlimited designs easier and faster than ever before. View your creations in 3D and get a custom-fitted pattern in seconds.

POS System For Retail Business

POS (Point of Sales) System is a platform for retailers that helps SMB owners and operators improve the guest experience and brand engagement.


Digital Clinic Health Cloud is a collaborative, end-to-end healthcare CRM and patient management software for healthcare providers, payers, and patients. Optimize the patient journey while increasing your clinic's productivity with the Digital clinic system.

Affordable Uniforms Online

Affordable Uniforms Online is an e-commerce retail business that specializes in athletic sports team uniforms, spirit wear, school uniforms, work apparel, and medical scrubs. They supply schools, sports leagues, medical offices, resorts, service companies, construction companies, and many other businesses with their apparel, custom decor, and marketing needs from coast to coast.

Wordpress Multi Vendor

FitnessMarketplace is an multivendor platform bsed on Ferndale, USA, that is the first niche online/mobile B2C eCommerce marketplace only selling fitness and wellness products and services.

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