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PRIMAPLUS Strategic Business Planning Software

Transform your business strategic planning & execution management process with the strategy planning software
built for your organization. Take a look at our PRIMAPLUS full case study.

Create, Map, Share & Execute Your Strategic Business Plan

Strategic business Planning software


Primaplus is a Strategy planning software tool that helps you improve the efficiency of developing and managing your business plan by providing a visual representation of your goals and strategies. Helps in monitoring and reviewing progress.


Information Technology


  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Business Intelligence
  • Angular
  • Laravel
  • java script


PrimaPlus is a visual strategic planning & execution software. It helps organizations to formulate strategy, then properly structure and disseminate it throughout the organization. Often involves experimenting with the use of different strategy maps and strategic frameworks, in order to find out what works best for each individual organization.

Business Planning Software Solution


After years of remarkable growth, the company faces a business downturn and the first layoffs in its history. The impact on company morale is significant, and although the imperative to chart a future course is clear, agreement on future direction has yet to be reached. It will also be the first time the company has developed a comprehensive plan to manage its individual business channels independently versus the entire enterprise.

Strategic business Planning tools

The Solution

Using next-generation technology, our experts develop practical solutions that empower organizations to use their data to gain meaningful and actionable intelligence.
Our approach included :

  • Strategic execution from one single plan, to many!
  • Create your strategic plan with an easy interface.
  • Collaborate with teammates to drive maximum engagement.

Key Features :

Define Goals : Company Vision and Mission, Longer term Goals, and growth plans.

Strategic Objectives : Short-term and term goals, Strategies for growth, assign challenges to the team.

Action Plans : Detailing projects, and activities to the team and Individual level, setting target dates and KPIs.

SWOT analysis : Know your Strength and Weaknesses, Priorities, and Emerging trend.

Strategic Initiatives : Make concrete projects, Initiatives, to translate strategies into action plans.

KPI : Key measurable, deliverables, and targets for functions and individuals.

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Strategic Business Planning software Overview

Execute your strategy using the award-winning PrimaPlus software
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