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Cloud-Based Irrigation Management System Solution for Telaqua

The proposed IOT & Cloud based irrigation management system is expected to contribute towards long-term and
sustainable high crop yield. Let's review our Telaqua case study.

Smart Irrigation Management System | Cloud Monitoring Software Solution

 Cloud Based Application Solution


Telaqua is a smart Irrigation Management System based in Marseille, France, that is a remote control solution used to improve water consumption and is very useful and important for the agriculture industry and in farming.




  • Front End: Vieu.js
  • Database: AWS RDS
  • Firebase – NoSQL real-time database (Back-end)
  • Back End: Node JS, Python


Telaqua is an expert in smart irrigation management, focused on operational excellence. Telaqua’s devices are used to eliminate undesirable consumption and waste of water and improve efficiency by remotely ensuring the system works as per the schedule created.

Cloud Monitoring Software Solution


The main problem was that there was no viable or suitable platform that can sustain and provide an interface to schedule the irrigation and real-time monitoring of water consumption.
In short, a portal and a mobile app needed to be developed so that customers can:

  • Save time on water distribution circuits.
  • Customers can monitor, program, and optimize irrigation with mind at ease and plan the irrigation better.
  • Create a system in a state-of-the-art digital format.
  • Real-time dashboard, Accessible in both web and mobile versions

Smart Irrigation Management Software

The Solution

DigiPrima implemented an integrated irrigation management solution with the following:

Pilot-operated surge anticipation valves add a low-pressure solenoid control backup for situations where normal pressure drops below the pilot setting.

Multiple C70 combination air valves to deal with vacuum conditions.

Remote-controlled pressure reducer and flow-limiting hydrometer at each plot. The consortium remotely controls each hydrometer according to designed irrigation shifts.

DigiPrima's role was to install pressure-reducing and flow-control hydrometers on each plot to ensure efficient irrigation control, to install combination air valves with the network depending on the type of irrigation system, and to accurately control the inside air. Was to ensure and establish. A surge anticipating valve protects the system against a sudden electrical failure in the pumping station that could create a damaging water hammer in the system.


Telaqua new Smart System solution is now fully automated and optimizes water usage. This ensures a continuous supply of water and allows for the implementation of advanced irrigation techniques, real-time monitoring and 24/7 operation. site.

Cloud-Based Irrigation Management System FAQ

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