Telaqua Case Study

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Telaqua - Smart Agriculture & Irrigation (IoT, Python)

Case Study

Market Opportunity

Telaqua is a remote control solution used to improve water consumption and very useful and important for agriculture industry and in farming. Telaqua’s devices are used to eliminate undesirable consumption and waste of water and improves efficiency by remotely ensuring the system works as per schedule created.

Problem Statement

The main problem was that there was no viable or suitable platform that can sustain and provide an interface to schedule the irrigation and real time monitoring of water consumption

In short, a portal and a mobile app was needed to be developed so that customers can

  • Save time on water distribution circuits
  • Customer can monitor, program and optimise irrigation with mind at ease and plan the irrigation better.
  • Create a system in the state-of-the-art digital format.
  • Real-time dashboard, Accessible in both web and mobile versions

Our Approach – Proposed Solution:

We proposed a solution that provided an efficient way to deal with water consumption and irrigation monitoring.

  • Front End: Vieu.js
  • Database: AWS RDS
  • Firebase – NoSQL real time database (Back-end)
  • Back End: Node JS, Python

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The client had 350+ physical lands wanted the users to interact with the application by scheduling the irrigation day cycle and duration hours etc. So that the Automated irrigation system can help farmers across the world by alleviating human intervention for monitoring the crop land. And have the back end database, a real time database that reflects and set data to and fro between device and front end.

Challenges- Objectives achieved

Our approach allowed us to provide our client with:

  1. Delivering the system within the stipulated time of 3 months
  2. Multiple changes were incorporated within the application for full customer satisfaction.
  3. Understanding the customer requirements was a challenging task at the beginning and we managed to overcome it successfully.
  4. Providing a user friendly interface with all the complexity was itself a big task on its own which we achieved with our flexible on demand in-house team.

Results – Customer Testimony

Digiprima has been very supportive and polite in every aspect of the project right from the start. Even after bugging them with small changes in the interface and limiting the completion timeline, they have been very supportive and successful in delivering the project despite the tight deadlines. I will always be grateful for them in implementing this mission critical project for us. For anyone looking to implement any kind of development work or application maintenance work, will always recommend Digiprima as the sole developer who worked tirelessly for us.

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