Do you know that Netflix, Amazon, Amazon Prime, Dropbox, and Instagram are all built using Python? Business applications developed with Python have become highly profitable. Discover what makes Python a phenomenal programming language. Additionally, understand how to hire the best Python developers for your project.

The demand for Python programming is swiftly increasing as technology advances and revolutionizes various industries. A large number of organizations use Python to develop business and workflow applications. Regardless of the case, the demand for Python programmers is surging, and Python is booming.

Finding reliable, experienced and the best Python development company isn't easy despite the increasing demand for Python programmers. This blog will provide you with tips on hiring Python developers using the top factors to consider. Let's take a look at some of the key features of Python before we examine how to hire experienced Python developers.

Is Python Still the Language of Choice for Digital Markets?

Since the release of Python in 1991, many new programming languages have entered the world. Then why do so many companies still rely on Python for their development needs?

Various enterprises prefer Python for a variety of reasons, including:

Python Offer Multiple Paradigms

Python's immense ability to create applications for all leading technologies is one of the reasons for its popularity. It can create easy logic and programs for all applications, including AI (Artificial Intelligence), ML (Machine Learning), web development, and mobile app development.

Python enables developing small to enterprise applications by enabling aspect-oriented programming and functional views.

Easily Readable Code

The quality of its source code determines software efficiency. It is impossible to create programs with less effort and time than with any other language with Python.

Python's code is written in a simple and readable manner. Python also facilitates faster development times by leveraging reusable code that reduces the effort of the developers.

An example of Python and Java code for converting kilometres into miles is shown below.

Python Code

lblfrstrow = tk.Label(root, text ="Username -", ) = 50, y = 20) Username = tk.Entry(root, width = 35) = 150, y = 20, width = 100) lblsecrow = tk.Label(root, text ="Password -") = 50, y = 50) password = tk.Entry(root, width = 35) = 150, y = 50, width = 100) submitbtn = tk.Button(root, text ="Login", bg ='blue', command = submitact) = 150, y = 135, width = 55) root.mainloop()

Java Code

class HelloWorld { public static void main(String[] args) { System.out.println("Hello, World!"); } }

Cross-Platform Compatibility

The digital industry needs cross-platform apps that can run on all major platforms. Programming in Python allows you to run modified application code for various programs without recompiling the code. The migration to Python allows different industries to develop apps that run on multiple platforms.

Speedy Development

New and innovative applications are being introduced in the market every day, which means the competition is as high as possible for all businesses today. This is why entrepreneurs want their apps developed quickly.

Python's reusability and easy readability ensure the quickest time to market your product as it is an interpreted language.

Easy Learning Curve

Python's popularity also stems from its ease of learning. It is easy to learn and understand Python compared to other programming languages, which may take a considerable amount of time. Because of this, Python is frequently chosen as the first language that new programmers learn and use to build programs.

Python vs Other Programming Languages

Python is a developer's favourite language isn't just because of its popularity but because of its amazing features. Python has several key characteristics that set it apart from other languages:

Complete Solution

Using Python's functions and methodologies, developers can build apps from scratch to the ultimate level. This makes it ideal for building complex applications.

Upgrades and updates

Python's open-source community updates the language with new methods and techniques, making it easier for other developers to develop high-performance applications.

Flexible Solution

The Python programming language is known for offering out-of-the-box solutions. It can handle both the front-end and back-end of an application easily.

Easy Integrations

In order to be successful, all applications must have third-party integrations. Your python developers can seamlessly incorporate different tools and methods into an entire program with Python.

The following table compares Python and Java, which are both considered the most popular languages in the present day:

Point of Difference



Development Time

Takes Lesser Time

Takes More Time

Length of Code

Code is Short

Code in Long




Run Time

Higher Run Time

Lower Run Time

Typing Mechanism



What are the essential skills for a proficient Python developer?

you can achieve the best outcomes for your project idea by hiring experienced and skilled Python programmers. Python developers should have the following skills:

Knowledge of Python's core concepts

In order to become a proficient Python programmer, it is essential to understand key Python concepts such as data structures, files, iterators, and object-oriented coding.

Keeping up with Python Frameworks and Libraries

Python developers are able to leverage this skill the most. Mobile apps and websites are typically built by Python programmers. Therefore, you should hire a programmer who is skilled in Python frameworks and libraries such as Django, Flask, CherryPy, Web2Py, etc.

Learning about Object Relational Mapping

Object-oriented programming requires an ORM to handle incompatible-type systems. That's why it's important to hire only the best Python development company that is experienced in dealing with ORM issues.

Expertise in Data Science and Machine Learning

A Python program can be written to implement machine learning and artificial intelligence. So if your project incorporates these data science technologies, ensure you choose a Python programmer familiar with the technologies to get the best results.

Where to Hire Python Developers?

For the success of your project idea, you need to hire Python developers with experience and expertise in developing software. There are two ways to find Python developers:

Freelancing Websites

Thousands of websites allow you to hire Python developers to develop your project. A freelancing website is a cheaper alternative to hiring a development company. It comes with greater risks, however.


  • Lower Costs

  • Higher Flexibility


  • More risks involved

  • Lesser control

  • Low project confidentiality

Python Development Companies

Businesses and entrepreneurs also prefer to hire Python developers from reputable Python development companies. This option is a safe one to choose since there is little chance of your project failing.


  • Less supervision

  • Reduced risk

  • Expertise and an experienced team of Python developers

  • Assured Quality Work

  • Complete project completion from start to finish


  • Costlier than freelancers

How much does hiring Python developers cost?

The sources from which you can find Python programmers are now known to you, so let's see how much they cost. Many Python developers worldwide charge according to their expertise, experience, and location.

The following table shows the cost of Python programmers in different regions of the world:


Prices (Hourly Basis)

North America


Eastern Europe






What Do You Look for in a Reliable and Experienced Python Developer for Your Project?

To ensure the best results for your project, you should hire Python developers at the top of their game. Follow the following steps to find and select a Python developer who can help you with your business idea:

Identify your Project Requirement

In order to find Python programmers for your project, you must first determine what your needs are. Research the features and functionalities you want to implement in your application and ensure your project idea.

Document all the information related to your project so that Python developers can discuss it.

Analyze and Shortlist Python Developers

When you have listed your requirements, conduct an extensive search for Python programmers and find the best candidates. On their website, you can view the portfolio of the developers and learn more about the level of expertise and experience they have in developing Python projects.

Identify three to four Python development companies that are suitable for your project.

Technical Screening of the Developer

You must hire a Python developer who is familiar with all the leading technologies you need while developing your project. Create an online test that includes MCQs, MAQs, coding simulations, etc., to determine the expertise of the programmers.

Also, you can find Python tests on websites for free.

Project Discussion: Budget and Time Limits

After selecting the best Python development company for your project, you can set up a meeting with their project manager.

We will discuss the project's technical and financial requirements during the meeting. Additionally, we will provide a timeline for completing the project to you.

Before moving on to the final product, make sure you clear all your doubts here and request a prototype.

Finalizing the Deal

You may finalize the deal with the company once you are satisfied with the Python developers you selected. It is important to recognize that reputable and good development companies always sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to protect your project's rights.

Discover how much it will cost to have a DigiPrima Python programmer build your project!

You might have learned some basics about Python from this blog before hiring a Python developer. Let's move on to the next step and estimate the time and cost for your project. Find out how much your project will cost when you hire Python developers from DigiPrima.

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