People are conducting searches every day, so you must optimize your website to improve your search engine ranking. A better search engine ranking will help your business growth and obtain more profit. In this article, let us discuss five simple ways on how to monitor and improve your search engine ranking without spending a single penny.

       How to monitor your online ranking?

The first thing you should do is to track your results so that you will get to know what’s working and what isn’t on your site. The best solution to monitor your online ranking is by creating a dashboard. You need to create a flexible dashboard where you can see the information about your site such as how much organic search traffic you get monthly, the keywords you rank for and how many backlinks you have. This also allows you to figure out any website errors that you need to fix. This way, you don’t have to keep checking your site regularly or look for opportunities. Instead, you’ll be notified automatically when you need to fix something. In addition to that, you can start tracking your rankings for any keyword you want.

       Improve online ranking without spending a penny: 

From your dashboard, you can click on a profile and view where you rank for any given term on both mobile and desktop devices and in any country or city. If you have any specific keywords that you want to track, you can manually add them. And if you aren’t sure which keywords to track, you can view the list of suggestions. However, here are few fastest ways to improve your online ranking.

   1. Build a responsive website

Improved search engine rankings can also be succeeded in launching a responsive website. A responsive site allows your website to adapt to the user’s device. Whether they’re viewing your website from laptop, tablet, or smartphone, they can read and navigate your website with no issues. If you don’t have a responsive website, you will result in decreased rankings.

 2. Maximize CTR in search results

You can boost your CTR that in result improve your search engine rankings in a few ways: • Include core keyword at the start of your title tag • Add core and related keywords to Meta descriptions In Google Search Console, you can access and monitor the CTR of your pages.

3. Use SEO-friendly videos and images

When it comes to online content, people don’t want a wall of text displayed on their screen. They want images, as well as videos, to help them learn about a topic, understand the concept, or complete a task. If your content doesn’t feature multimedia, it may decrease your rankings in search results. Your videos should also adhere to SEO standards, like using structured data, Include a video transcript, set a custom video thumbnail and by Creating a title and description that engages users and includes your keyword Following these tips, you can improve your search engine rankings without sending a penny and also provide a better user experience.

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