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an ultimate guide to laravel framework development for beginners & experienced developers


Published 2020-10-15

An Ultimate Guide to Laravel Framework Development for Beginners & Experienced Developers

Laravel is a free open-source web application PHP framework with expressive, elegant syntax that offers the freedom to create without worrying about small things. Laravel framework makes the development process enjoyable and the creative process fulfilling.With Laravel, the development process becomes smooth and pleasing for the developer, yet keeping the functionality of the application in place. To keep the developers happier, Laravel aimed to combine the functionalities of other web frameworks, including the frameworks implemented in other languages.

Laravel Framework eases out the development process

To understand the benefits of working with Laravel Framework, let's identify some common issues that the developers face and how Laravel contributes to resolving those common issues quickly and effectively.

Authentication and Authorisation Systems

The impending issues around software development have always been the identification of the user as they claim to be and to prevent unauthorized access to the paid and secured resources.Laravel chips in by simplifying the authentication process. In the Laravel framework, most of the things are configured out-of-the-box. Laravel also simplifies the method of organizing the authorization logic and helps control access to resources.

Integration with Mail Service

After various events, the mail service is used to send notifications to the users' emails. It is impossible to think of not emailing a new user confirming the registration after successful registration on the website.Laravel offers a clean and simple API over the SwiftMailer library to send instant emails when a trigger happens.

Fix the common technical vulnerabilities

Security vulnerabilities are of prime concern while developing web applications. These vulnerabilities need to be fixed before delivery. WithLaravel, the codebase is safeguarded and vetted by several people to ensure minimum or zero risk.

Configuration Error and Exception Handling

Handling and managing software errors can impact user satisfaction levels and user-friendliness. The user should be favorably notified if he commits an error, else without proper error handling, users may feel that the error is in the application.

Automation of Testing Job

Testing is an essential feature for any development framework to identify bugs, error, and the possibility of crashes. Laravel is built to help automate testing by offering a convenient method to simulate the basic behavior of the user.

URL Routing Configuration

Users expect to see the desired content when click or type links in the application. If no URL routing after the user's action, the User expectation is defeated, resulting in an annoyed user who will leave the web application forever.Laravel handles the routing that is defined in the app/http/routes.php files automatically loaded by the framework.

Business Logic and Presentation code separated

The separation helps HTML layout designers change the webpage appearance without involving developers. This directly results in cost reduction.Developers will fix bugs and do feature requests faster if the programming codes of the application are separated at the beginning of the development.Laravel being an MVC framework, separation is done at the initial stage of development.

Message Queue System Configuration

Queue increases with the more traffic on the web application, resulting in more requests to be handled per second. Laravel Queue service pushes a time-consuming task for deferred processing, speeding up web requests to your applications significantly.

Scheduling Task configuration and management

Task scheduling involves managing routine tasks at the right time when it is scheduled. Laravel command scheduler allows the command schedule with Laravel.Hence, instead of creating a Cron entry for each task to be scheduled, only a single Cron entry is required in the server.

8 Key features of Laravel Framework in a Nutshell

1. Security–Laravel does not allow saving plain-text the password in the database. It leverages the power of the Bcrypt hashing Algorithm and creates a strong encrypted password

2. Database Migration System–The migration system helps expand the database structure of the web application instead of re-creating it every time there is a change in the coding

3. Unit-Testing–Laravel is preferred because of the way it does unit testing; it can run multiple unit tests to ensure any new changes do now break the web application

4. Artisan–helps automate repetitive programming tasks and help create the database structure. It helps developers create their commands and apply them as needed.

5. Libraries and Modular–Offers Pre-installed Object-oriented modular libraries

6. Template Engine–provides widgets that include CSS and JS codes helps to create innovative designs to create layouts with distinct sections

7. MVC Architecture Support–Separates business logic and presentation layers improve the performance of the web application, increase scalability and security

8. Eloquent ORM–offers faster Eloquent ORM (Object Relational Mapping) that enables to write database query with PHP

Concluding Remarks

Laravel has gained immense popularity as an open-source framework of PHP. It is used dynamically by today's developers for a wide range of projects in their Laravel web development service. Laravel can sustain its leadership in the PHP framework amid fierce competition. Laravel is your go-to PHP framework for the future.

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