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How to BACK UP your data to cloud computing AWS and Why?


Data loss is a common problem. Disasters come in many forms, such as power interruption, corrupted database, hardware failures, software glitches, or network outages. In a cost-cutting environment you will need a solid plan that is cost-efficient, yet ensures that backups are performed regularly and recovery from any disaster quickly. 

To implement this successfully, many companies have outsourced the data backup and recovery to the cloud, including Amazon Web Services (AWS) storage solutions. AWS provides secure, scalable and robust storage in a more cost-efficient and scalable data backup and recovery.

How to back up your data to cloud computing Amazon Web Services (AWS) 

Amazon Web Services simplifies the data backup and recovery by automating the entire process. The backup and recovery process has now been reduced to a point-and-click web-based interface where the software performs labour intensive and complex tasks. All you need to do is simply sign up for an AWS account and complete the setup process. You can also create unique user credentials to define who has access to which resources for daily interaction with AWS.

Process of backing up your standard server
Build Amazon Machine Image (AMI):

This acts as a template containing the operating system and web server applications such as Apache, IIS, and other software. Choose an AMI provider by using the AWS marketplace, the AWS community, or create your own AMI provider.

Launch Instance:

Click “Launch Instance” to create a new instance of your web server. You can also create as many or a few virtual servers you need from the AMI provider.

Region and Availability Zones:

Place and replicate resources – instances and data – across multiple “regions,” and within each region, specific isolated locations or “availability zones.

Networking and Security:

Create the key pair – public to encrypt data and private key to decrypt data to log into an instance

Create a security group (virtual firewall) and rules to control network access to one or more instances: Amazon EC2 provides the instances with IP addresses and DNS hostnames

Why should you back up your data to cloud computing Amazon Web Services (AWS)?

The Amazon Web Services platform provides IT departments with an easier, faster and more cost-effective approach to data backup and recovery. For many small companies, data is at the core of their operations. So, Amazon Web Services ensures to provide reliable, scalable and cost-effective solution, which improves your company’s abilities tooptimize resources for data backup and recovery. The Benefits of Utilizing AWS Include:

  • Pay for Infrastructure when you require.
  • Lower Total Cost of IT
  • You don't need to guess capacity
  • Increase innovation In terms of fast experiment with low cost and low risk
  • Get rid of the undifferentiated heavy lifting
  • Go global in minutes

Considering these benefits, by now, you would have understood the importance of back up data to the cloud computing AWS. This is done not only to save money but you can also spend more time focusing on your business and not the daily IT hassles.

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