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comparison of angularjs v/s reactjs 2019:


Published 2019-06-12

Comparison Of AngularJs V/S ReactJs 2019:

Choosing right JavaScript framework for  developing internet application is sort of tough. ReactJs and Angular are quite common and there's a final upstart on obtaining additional traction expeditiously. Selecting right framework is far more important for the JavaScript system; web site or application is a very important priority on business. JavaScript system has the direct pertaining to the sturdiness and skill of the project to suit within the point that may enhance the code maintainability further as measurability of the apps. Quantity of JavaScript tools in the web developing environment is exaggerated by simply sanctioning the choice on the suitable technology. Angular is that the ASCII text file front-end Typescript-based internet application platform that has been introduced by Angular Team. Angular is a platform for building mobile and desktop web application that is   the complete rewrite that's designed by AngularJs. React is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces that's developed by the Facebook. React is especially accustomed handling read layer on mobile and internet apps. ReactJs expeditiously permits making reusable UI elements in an exceedingly rather more economical manner. Rent react developer well versed in common JavaScript libraries having the robust foundations on the massive community. 

Advantages of AngularJs: 

Built by Google:

AngularJs has been developed as well as maintained by dedicated Google engineers. This means that there is a huge community out there for you to learn from. Apart from that, there are engineers that can help you tackle any challenges you face on the way. It also means that clients get what they want. 

Great MVC :

As mentioned earlier, most frameworks require programmers to splitting the app into multiple MVC components.After that, the programmer has to write a code to put them together again. AngularJs, however, strings it together automatically. That saves you time, and reduces the app’s time-to-market. 


 AngularJs is more intuitive as it makes use of HTML as a declarative language. Moreover, it is less brittle for reorganizing. 

Comprehensive :

AngularJs is a comprehensive solution for rapid front-end development. It does not need any other plugins or frameworks. Moreover, there are a range of other features that include Restful actions, data building, dependency injection, enterprise-level testing, etc. 

Unit Testing Ready :

AngularJs is unit testing ready, and that is one of its most compelling advantages. 

Disadvantages of AngularJs: 


There are multiple ways to do the same thing with AngularJs. Sometimes, it can be hard for novices to say which way is better for a task. Hence, it is imperative for programmers to develop an understanding of the various components and how they help. 

Lagging UI :

If there are more than 2000 watchers, it can get the UI to severely lag. This means that the possible complexity of Angular Forms is limited. This includes big data grids and lists.

Name Clashes:

With AngularJs, you don’t have the ability to compose many NG-apps on the same page. This can cause name clashes. 

Advantages of ReactJs:

1 . Updates process is optimised and accelerated.

2 . JSX makes components/blocks code readable. It displays how components are plugged or combined with. 

3 . React’s data binding establishes conditions for creation of dynamic applications. 

4. Prompt rendering. Using comprises methods to minimise number of DOM operations helps to optimise updating            process and accelerate it.

5. React’s native tools are offered for testing, debugging code.

6 .SEO-friendly. React presents the first-load experience by server side rendering and connecting event-handlers on the side of the user: 

7. React.renderComponentToString is called on the server. 

8. React.renderComponent() is called on the client side. 

9. React preserves markup rendered on the server side, attaches event handlers. 

10. Up to date. Facebook team supports the library. Advice or code samples can be given by Facebook community.

11. Using React+ES6/7, application gets high-tech and is suitable for highload systems.

Disadvantages of ReactJs: 

1. Learning curve. Being not full-featured framework it is required in-depth knowledge for integration user interface free library into MVC framework. 

2 .View-orientedness is one of the cons of ReactJs. It should be found 'Model' and 'Controller' to resolve 'View' problem. 

3. Not using isomorphic approach to exploit application leads to search engines indexing problems. 

4. Lots of developers dislike JSX React’s documentation, manuals are difficult for newcomers’ understanding. 

5 .React’s large size library.


 Angular and React in the main offers complete numerous approaches to the net application development appropriate for the tiny, midmarket or startup businesses. Angular and React are versatile for various applications. So, take your necessities into account and select sagely. 

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