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construction company automates and optimizes dispatch management system


Published 2020-10-21

Construction Company Automates and Optimizes Dispatch Management System

Construction companies utilize the dispatch management system to access the design, construction, operations, and maintenance activities by improving the flow of resources. Most of these construction companies are exploring current practices to gauge the process of automation and integration.

Automating the dispatch management system will optimize the processes of the construction companies. It will enable the tracking of the location and status of materials, equipment, personnel, and other resources that would facilitate the construction management with ease.

Irrespective of whether your construction is in the residential, commercial, or industrial sector, a construction dispatch management system will help plan tasks and projects for better control of your construction planning. Adding a management system will help in streamlining your construction operations and give your team productivity and efficiency.

You are spending most of your precious time managing projects rather than optimizing management systems. The automation decision for your business optimization can be confusing but to decide which option is right for you to read this article to articulate details.

Why do you need Automation in the dispatch management system?

Before updating your dispatch management system it is necessary to understand why you need automation in the first place? In a construction company, there involves physical in field services, so efficiency plays a very key role in making it successful.

The dispatch management system provides a complete process of integrated construction management applications for builders and contractors. This construction management system is an affordable choice for small and medium businesses as you can pick and choose the tools you need.

It also allows you to integrate additional applications that you find beneficial down the road for your construction company. You can integrate a strong CRM tool along with a management system for harnessing prospects and improving your sales pipeline for the year.

You need to streamline your construction operations and increase productivity with the latest automation. This automation will enable the ease to use, drag and drop functionalities enhance productivity, and improve the overall dispatch process. This crucial step will automate your processes with a built-in system.

Let’s see the latest automation and optimization in the dispatch management system:

 1.GPS routing:

The automated system gives you the ability to send new jobs to the closest technicians through the GPS routing feature. With the help of this feature, you can directly assign a task that will be received  through mobile devices. This will help streamline your construction process significantly.

The management software automates and optimizes field worker’s schedules across geographies, whether they’re employees or contractors. Workers can complete work fluently directly from the field, which automatically integrates with the system without lag. This will reduce data entry time and avoid costly mistakes in the construction field. This makes the construction manager and engineer work smoothly.

2.Automate daily schedule for mobile workers:

The dispatch management system user inputs parameters such as worker availability, plan data, work histories, location, and schedules. This enables dispatchers to use a full range of automation based on construction objectives and processes to create schedules.

Every day you can launch an optimized plan to sync schedules with real-time updates from field workers and contractors. The result is an effective schedule that improves service delivery and productivity by reducing construction time, downtime, and overtime.

3.Easy decision-making process:

The dispatch management system initiates the decision-making process with actions consistent with business rules, planned, and optimization goals. If there is a conflict with existing guidelines and parameters, the software issues a warning indicating it has detected an error.

Though the final decision can also be deferred to the dispatcher, decision making can be streamlined with the ideal practical solutions and actions.

4.Reduce to and fro time between job sites:

With a dispatch management system, the site managers respond to changes in real-time, which significantly reduces delays and improves the final delivery. Raw material access, dispatch, and arrival can affect the construction plan significantly if not taken care of.

The route optimization feature also enables you to generate realistic routes with predictive time-of-day. This feature helps in analyzing local street routes that help the raw material pattern selection for precise scheduling.

 5.Enable construction changes instantaneously:

Field workers with mobile access receive updates directly from the construction manager on schedule changes, construction information, and other updates. In the field, mobile workers absentee can be recorded immediately. This allows managers to revise schedules respectively.

Dispatch management system offers automation of tedious tasks, such as capturing expenses and costing on a daily basis for small to mid-size contractors. The system offers tools to do your accounting, meet your estimations, schedule, project, and equipment management along with payrolls.

How automation and optimizing the system is helping your company?

The management solution helps general contractors and the construction company with all the tools to win more bids and helps you find the most profitable projects with early completion. This helps the suppliers and construction companies to connect directly during the purchase consideration stage.

With an efficient system you can conveniently print orders, monitor schedules, send text messages, emails to technicians, and raw material dispatch statuses without hassle. It tracks the daily work performed and time spent on the sections, sets follow-up appointments, generates bills, and enters payroll hours automatically.

Using a drag-and-drop interface, your construction manager can view and assign specific tasks to employees and workers directly from the system. You can reorganize the dispatch system to your plan, choosing to view the board using time slots or any other parameter important to your plan.

Additionally, you can color-code calls and processes by type so you know what level of construction you are currently working on.

Conclusion remarks:

The dispatch management system makes you capable of streamline the entire construction process. Construction companies get a full view of the mobile workforce and use automation based on specific business objectives to improve their efficiencies and increase company revenue. This management system ultimately allows you to scale up efficiently as your company grows.

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