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is it possible for cryptocurrencies to replace government-backed fiat?


Published 2019-12-13

Is It Possible For Cryptocurrencies To Replace Government-Backed Fiat?

In January 2009, Bitcoin was created by Satoshi Nakamoto. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that is a decentralized digital currency that has single-handedly changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of individuals across the globe. It gained popularity almost in every industry and is currently among the topmost ranking financial investment assets.

Money has evolved from primitive forms (seashells, salt, and copper, gold) to its most recent form known as cryptographic bits on the internet. A growing consensus on the fact that Bitcoin is the only and most capable crypto for storing monetary value. Following this, the demand for crypto increased significantly.  Although it gained popularity, there are concerns like vulnerability to cyber-attacks, which indicate that BTC is lagging right now.

Possible Advantages to a Crypto Future(AWS) 

Similarly, the fact that no one controls Bitcoin makes it dangerous, as anti-social elements like drug peddlers, mafia, can move money without any interference from the administration. Nonetheless, if careful policies, in consultation with traditional economists, cybersecurity experts, and crypto experts, are laid down, such things can be prevented from happening.

Different people have a different option on possibilities for cryptocurrencies to replace government-backed Fiat. Some say yes because in countries like Venezuela and a few from Africa have utilized Bitcoin to overcome hyperinflation, but that was due to the public rather than the governments. Even though countries like Russia, Turkey, Japan, etc. are working on government-backed crypto, it would certainly not be Bitcoin, and the ones they introduce will more certainly be stable coins, which are somewhat fiat-ish. Stable coins, as purists argue, aren’t true cryptocurrencies, as it is pegged to the US Dollar. The government can control stable coin, which will never give the true benefits of a decentralized monetary system.

Possible Concerns if Cryptocurrencies Replace Cash(AWS) 

Whether Bitcoin is capable or not, we must first evaluate the chance of it replacing fiat. Even if it has all challenges against security measures, will the governments adopt Bitcoin, a currency which they can merely regulate? Is still unanswered. As mentioned earlier, there are also some huge challenges and concerns with this scenario. If cryptocurrencies replace cash in terms of usage, traditional currencies will lose value without any means of recourse.

Should cryptocurrencies take over entirely, new infrastructure would have to be developed to allow the world to adapt. In this case, there would be difficulties with the transition, as cash could become incompatible useless quickly, leaving some people with lost assets. As a result, beyond the impact of a cryptocurrency future on individual consumers and financial institutions, governments themselves would suffer.

Final Thoughts about replacing Fiat to cryptocurrencies

No matter what, Bitcoin is potent enough to take over the traditional monetary system despite its cyber security challenges. However, there are still a lot of areas to work one before it can do it. On the other side, considering the drawbacks governments all over the world need to agree on Bitcoin as the standard currency, which seems not to be happening, even in a distant future.

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