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key to digital transformation for united state business trends - 2023

digital transformation

Published 2022-07-05

Key to digital transformation for United State Business Trends - 2023

The industrial world is facing rapidly changing challenges. Our resources are finite, and we all need to do more with less. Digitalization and automation are the game changers to meet these challenges on the way to business. 

Despite being a highly digitalized country, the United States has been slow to adapt to the latest tech trends. In fact, over 81% of United States businesses have no plans to invest in AI or blockchain technology in the next 12 months. With this late bloom comes a threat to businesses across many industries and makes it necessary for government agencies and companies alike to pick up the pace before they fall behind other countries that are already taking advantage of these new opportunities. This can be attributed to many factors in politics and business, but more recently, has been propelled by our own United States businesses that are looking for growth in a declining domestic market. Seeing digital innovation as a necessity, they’re placing greater importance on their online presence in order to compete globally with other markets such as India.

Importance of Digital Transformation-

The Importance of Digital Transformation,  Businesses need to be able to adapt quickly and successfully to survive in the digital era. The competitive landscape of 2023 will continue to evolve, making it crucial for organizations to stay ahead, or behind, their competition. In business, it’s all about survival. Digital infrastructures allow companies to be agile and quick to react to changing conditions in the market. With the changing dynamics of supply chains, trends, and technology, digital technologies help businesses keep up with change, no matter what it brings. Digital Transformation allow organizations to be agile and quick to adapt to any circumstance.

The accelerating digital transformation of United States business:

United States businesses are moving fast to respond to the threat of a pandemic. Customers are coming to expect seamless online service, and they’re becoming less tolerant of friction and inconvenience. In today’s economy and with a pandemic approaching, businesses need to be prepared to take advantage of opportunities at every turn. One of the biggest challenges is how to ensure that organizations are actually getting value from their investment in digital transformation.

1) Increasing digital investment-

The impact of the pandemic was not easy for the United States, but it has spurred many businesses to invest in new technology. Businesses are using the digital world to their advantage and creating services that customers will find more useful and convenient. New technologies and rising costs are making it increasingly attractive to support GP practices within a distributed delivery model. Technology is helping patients to access high-quality medical care that suits their needs, making their lives easier and improving their overall health. The Digital Supply Chain Transformation Initiative examines new collaborative paradigms that arise during digital transformations. This means that online consultations are extremely convenient for them.

2) Building the digital backbone-

Meet your business needs with ready-to-deploy solutions. It involves looking at your existing processes and asking whether they can be re-imagined through the lens of technology. Not all businesses are ready to make this transition, but CommBank analysts point out that it’s no longer optional. Businesses can be the most profitable on the block and still not be delivering positive outcomes for customers, staff, and owners. The immediate benefits of a new tool or system are often compelling. However, sometimes it isn’t clear how much time and effort will be required to maintain the system over time or how much technical debt is being accumulated. 

Impact of a pandemic on Digital Transformation for United States Enterprise:

Digital consultants are in demand and can find work in a wide range of industries. As the number of data increases and businesses strive to be more agile, there will be a growing need for expertise as well as resources to support digital transformation by business leaders within every industry. As the lead recipient in this space, digital consulting is en route to becoming the most valuable strategic consulting service. However, not all providers offer effective digital transformation services and many do not provide consultation either. 

The report finds that while the pandemic and emerging technologies such as AI and IoT have led United States companies to redouble their digitization efforts, it’s a slow process. Most importantly, the software is increasingly becoming a service, rather than an application. This means that enterprises are in effect becoming their own software providers by self-developing apps and hiring developers to create customized solutions. This will be a key trend that the market would need to adapt to over the next five years. United States enterprises are adopting new technologies, primarily AI, IoT and blockchain in order to achieve flexibility and speed in their value streams. This is an important shift in the way they operate, which is impacting every area of their business including customer experience, product development, and supply chain management.

Trending Technology of Digital Transformation in 2023

1) Disruptive Thinking-

We bring disruptive thinking to reinvent organizations from the inside out to help them improve, grow and thrive. Our consultants are experts in modernizing business models, digitalizing operations and creating technology-enabled customer experiences that create value for the business and delight customers.  We help you to evolve your organization by bringing disruptive thinking to reinvent the way you operate. This might include challenging business models, changing market dynamics and societal trends, or even changing employee expectations. The result of our work is a leaner organization with greater agility, increased efficiency, and better ways of working that deliver improved customer experiences.

2) Think Differently-

Our multidisciplinary team of digital experts is an expert in driving change within our client organizations. From digital strategy and stakeholder alignment to solution design and implementation, we bring a unique combination of creativity, innovation, and expertise that results in the creation of new technologies, services, and processes. We help clients redefine customer experience, explore new operating models, create enhanced digital channels and implement new operating structures.  We help clients redefine customer experience, explore new operating models and create enhanced digital channels to build the skills required to compete in today's marketplace.

3) Transforming Businesses-

As organizations embark on digital transformation initiatives, they need to have a clear sense of strategy. They need to decide whether or not they are going to be the disruptor and try to take a lead as a transformer, or whether they are going to play a waiting game and react as necessary to defend market share. When it comes to digital transformation, companies need to decide whether or not they will be the disruptor, creating a new operating model for the future, or if they will play a waiting game to see how their competitors act and react. Organizations must also consider how the culture and behaviour of individual employees can evolve with new approaches, as well as how customers will interact differently.

4) Work Collaboratively-

Our dedicated and experienced team of professionals helps you harness the power of emerging technologies and transform your business to adapt to changing customer requirements. We design and deliver innovative solutions that get you closer to your customers, help you respond faster to unpredictable market opportunities or risks, and protect your business now and in the future. We help you navigate the risk and opportunity of emerging technologies by providing a team of professionals experienced with data and analytics, technology, internal audit, business process, risk, and compliance. These professionals deliver a full suite of innovative security solutions tailored to your needs - from concept through to fully operational. 

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