Increasing complexity in the rising customer demands, the massive growth of the market competition with the digital disruption are found to be common now. All these takes part highly in the operation. In particular, the operation of supply chain management. Also, the current modern retailers are highly focusing on streamlining their supply chain enhancing logistics, inventory management, and transportation to fulfill all the needs of their customers. This will also be the best way of increasing profit in their business.

Asset tracking

Tracking the numbers and the bar codes is one of the most important aspects in the supply chain process. This was considered to be a bit harder and IoT introduced REID and GPS sensors to makes the task easier. This helps in exactly tracking of the products. The manufactures can also use the granular data such as the temperature of the place that the product is stored, how long it has to be in the cargo, etc. This helps in enhancing the quality of service as well.

Forecasting and inventory

The IoT sensors are designed in such a way where the sensors are highly accurate in inventories when compared to the human. For example, Amazon is making use of Wi-Fi robots to scan QR codes that are available on the products to track and triage all the orders. If that is possible there will not be any miss in the deadline and customers will also get the most appropriate information.

Vendor relation

The data obtained from certain asset tracking is also becoming more important as it helps to tweak their product schedules and recognize sub-par vendors relationship. IBM has also stated that they have the technology have offered benefit up to 65% with the combination of the technology.

Connected fleets

When the supply chain continues to grow upwards and outwards, it is more imperative and it ensures that all the carriers are connected. It might be shipping containers, your van out for delivery or supplier’s delivery tracks they must be connected. Also, data is the price and manufacturers are using it highly for getting better products.

Scheduled maintenance

The technology, Internet of Things will also use some smart sensors on its manufacturing floors to manage all the placed and predictive maintenance. This also helps in the prevention of the roof striking cost. As a result, the works will be easily carried out but you need not spend many forms in your pocket.

Final thoughts

In spite of all the challenges that prevail in the technology, internet of Things is playing its role better in bringing several improvements in the supply chain. These improvements will lead to better results in the business as well. Make use of the technology in the better way and enjoy success with ease!

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