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features/advantages of online application after covid-19


Published 2021-03-09


The pandemic caused by the COVID-19 has left the entire world standstill with a bare minimum scope of improvement. Apart from the evil side of this pandemic, it had made the human approach optimistic in several aspects. Evolving according to the changing times is the basis of the human era. With the rapidly growing technologies around us, we are obliged to seek its benefits during the time of crises.

A lot of applications and platforms have emerged successful in making the whole procedure of online examination easier and swifter. Web-based learning has become a vital part of the educational sector in the present times. Therefore, the examination must be taken in a secure framework to improve the aspects like transparency, accountability, etc.

An ideal Online Exam Application must have the potential to conduct tests that are protected from both ends. Online platforms like applications, etc. must have some specific features that make the entire process simpler. These features allow applications to have an edge over others as they provide superior options and facilities to the user.

Online Exam Applications must have some specific qualities that make the entire process of examination simpler.

After the COVID-19 pandemic, online means of conducting examinations are the only remaining substitute for the classical examinations. Thus, we must admit the fact that we have to rely upon the online means examination for a significant future. Therefore, it is expected from a typical examination platform to reflect certain qualities.

Following are some of the features or qualities that should be there in an online examination application/platform.

1. Easy to use

An online examination application must be comfortable to operate. Its benefits must be enjoyed by the person taking up the test as well as the person who is conducting the test.

2. Swift Action

Navigating across the pages/operations during an online examination must become an easy operation. It must not be a time-consuming process; rather, it should make the operations swifter and quicker.

3. Minimal Cheating

There is an argument between the classical examination supporters and the promoters of online examination. The cheating during the online examination must be cut to zero. The scope of taking external help or using any other modes of cheating must be narrowed down by using modern methods of surveillance in the application.

4. Tailor-made question papers

To avoid the tampering of question papers beforehand, the application must have a provision of using a shuffle system of questions and prepare a unique question paper from the selected question bank. This promotes the aspects of accountability and transparency while conducting the online examination.

5. Evaluation and Scores

A person taking up the exam must be able to know about the summary of the test given by him/her. The basic information about the test taken should be conveyed by the server like the number of attempted questions, etc. A quick response to the given answers can also be provided by the application itself.

6. Accurate display of time and duration

The candidate taking up the online examination must have access to basic information like the remaining time, total exam duration, etc. The person must be able to calculate these dimensions so that he/she can cope up in a significant way.

7. Face Recognition and Detection

With the help of artificial intelligence, the online examination process can become simpler and more transparent. Modern technical features like face recognition and detection allow the dimension of accountability to be more specific. It can ensure that the correct person is taking up the examination.

8. Body Tracking

Tracking the movement of eyes, hands, etc. can be assessed with the help of modern techniques so that the examination could be conducted fairly. By implementing such features in the application can minimize the scope of cheating and unfair means.

9. Video and Screen Recording

Keeping a continuous check on the candidate can allow the test operator to have faith in conducting the fair examination. The feature allows the test conductor to keep a watch on the screen of the person by recording it in between. This can also help in ensuring transparency when the online invigilator is keeping a check on the candidate.

10. Alarm system

When something fishy appears, the alarm system of the application rings. This system work on the principles of Artificial Intelligence. The invigilator will be alarmed when a candidate is engaged in any kind of suspicious activity.

The advantages of conducting online examination are several. The primary benefits of it can be the saving of time and expense. The time consumed during a classical examination to take place is much more than the time taken in an online exam. The expense of stationery, electricity, staff, etc. is by-passed when the examination is taken via the internet. Online examination is extremely necessary for the present times but also has a great potential to be a long-term solution of taking the examination.

Digiprima is keen to provide its fully-loaded online examination software that has the upper-stated advantages. We promise to deliver leak-proof educational software so that the students, teachers, candidates can reap maximum benefit out of it.

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