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features added in doctor appointment app after covid


Published 2021-03-09


As we all know that the technology with the support of the internet has made it possible to pave ways for innovations, especially during the pandemic caused by COVID-19. The pandemic has taught us, humans, to explore new ideas and continuously work for the welfare of the population.

Several sectors were universally affected due to the pandemic caused during 2020. Among these, the adversely affected sectors can be identified as educational, health, etc. These sectors took a bit longer to identify the root cause and find the new ideas so that their scope of work could be least affected.

The health sector at different levels (ground, district, national, international) had faced adverse consequences due to the pandemic. Technology again, here played its unbeatable role in preventing the effects of pandemic and make the operations in the health sector work out more swiftly.

As people were reluctant to move out of their houses to seek the help of a doctor, the internet made several provisions so that the health experts and people could connect without any kind of hindrance. A large number of online platforms like web portals, mobile applications were introduced in this period so that people could make it to a doctor or any other health expert. The health sector is one of the most vulnerable as the operations involved in it are of an emergency & urgent nature.

With time, these applications have made several developments in their interface so that the benefits could reach out to all. Digiprima has enabled citizens as well as medical experts to have a smooth experience interacting with each other. With the help of the doctor’s appointment application, Digiprima has made its mark in serving the citizens of India. The company has improved its application in all the ways possible and has added some outstanding features to it.

Following are some of the new features that are added to the doctor’s appointment application:

1. Video Conferencing

The appointment application has been added with a video conferencing option so that the patients could not only reach out to the doctors but also interact with them to either find a solution or to seek support for further discussion. With the help of this option, the doctor and the person seeking help can virtually see each other on a real-time basis. The two people interacting in the application can talk with each other. Therefore, video conferencing is one of the most awaited features of the Doctor Appointment App.

2. Live Chat

A panel for chatting has been added to the application. With this feature getting added up, people can transfer the texts to one another. With this feature getting added to the application, the transfer of information via texts has become possible. Texting or chatting can be a great substitute for video conferencing or meeting in person.

3. Appointment Booking

The doctor’s appointment booking application has enhanced the overall experience for both parties. While booking an appointment, the parties involved in the process can have a better experience of interacting. The process of booking an appointment via application is an easy task and allows a user to swiftly handle the interface of the application. The process of booking an appointment with a doctor has become easier than ever.

4. Sharing Documents

Like during a live interaction between a patient and the doctor, there is sometimes a need of producing a different kind of documents like medical reports, prescriptions, etc. With a newly added feature in the application, you can now share the documents in only a few clicks. These documents can be easily uploaded to the application and be further sent swiftly.

5. Order Prescriptions

The medical prescriptions between the patients and the doctors can be transferred with this new feature in the application. Order Prescription has made the overall interaction session smoother and transparent.

6. Payment Processing

With the help of secure and reliable gateways, the payment process in the doctor appointment booking application is now safer and more transparent. The time taken by the application to finalize the payment has also been optimized so that the user experience could be enhanced. The payment gateway is safer than ever and ensures safe transactions and checkout.

Doctor Appointment Application has been enhanced post-COVID-19 so that the patients can feel safe to consult doctors and make the entire process extremely satisfactory. Digiprima has been continuously innovating even during tough times like the COVID-19 pandemic. With time, the company has come up with a large number of online solutions, among which the Doctor Appointment Application is one of its kind.

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