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how is fintech application development changing the future of traditional banking?


Published 2022-05-17

How is fintech Application Development changing the future of traditional banking?

We believe that embracing Digital Transformation is the most important thing any company can do to stay ahead of the curve.

As a result, produce eye-catching and demand-pleasing software solutions that are a strategic mix of in-depth research, nurturing consultation services, and cutting-edge technical technology. 

Fintech Development Services has helped firms – mostly start-ups – disrupt the sector and provide better financial services to businesses and consumers by combining the latest technological breakthroughs with financial services or apps. 

So, what is Fintech?

Fintech, or financial technology, is reshaping the financial environment, drastically altering how businesses and individuals receive financial services. The global fintech market was worth $127.66 billion in 2018 and is predicted to reach $309.98 billion by 2022, growing at a 24.8 percent annual rate.

So, what exactly is financial technology (fintech)? Financial technology refers to companies, mainly start-ups, that are disrupting the financial services market and encompasses a broad spectrum of financial services. Payments and transactions, lending and credit, and wealth and brokerage are the categories where fintech companies are most prevalent, according to KPMG's Fintech 100.

Achievements of Fintech:

  • Fintech is also gaining traction in other areas of finance, such as blockchain, mortgages, and neo-banks. Traditional banks and financial service organizations' goods, services, and user experiences are challenged by digital natives such as Pockit and Stash. They operate without or with a recently given banking license.
  • Many of the most recent technology advances have been based on fintech, such as payment programs like PayPal (PYPL)
  • For the banking industry, the rise of financial technology has a double-edged sword: on the one hand, it is providing ways to improve the services they provide to their customers, with tools like chatbots to improve customer experience, mobile apps to give customers a real-time view of their bank accounts, and machine learning to protect against fraud. Fintech, on the other hand, is putting traditional banking and financial services under intense pressure from all sides, putting the survival of some of our most well-known institutions in jeopardy.
  • Fintech also enables non-financial businesses to provide financial services. Gusto, an online HR and benefits platform, recently launched a wallet service that allows employees to save with an interest-bearing cash account and spend with a Gusto-branded debit card, and Element, an online insurance company, has partnered with Vodafone to develop a new cybersecurity insurance for private Vodafone mobile network users.

What are the benefits of using fintech app development services for changing the future of traditional banking?

Collaboration and mentoring on a one-on-one basis:

Our seasoned developers will select the most appropriate technology stack to ensure that your fintech application grows and adapts to market developments.

All of your design, development, and maintenance needs may be met in one spot.

When designing and finishing the UX of your application, we use a proprietary methodology that ensures an engaging user experience and increased KPIs that are matched with your business goals.

Platform-independent development

Customers appreciate it when their favorite apps follow them across all their devices. We create fintech apps for desktop, mobile, and other platforms like smartwatches and tablets.

Security and compliance are essential to us.

We are dedicated to developing PCI-compliant fintech apps using bank-grade security technology and standards.

Well, by these points, it is evident that fintech app development services are essential in changing the future of traditional banking. 

Fintech's Financial Software Development assists businesses in transforming their financial services with emerging technology for increased operational efficiency, transparency, faster reaction times, and a better client experience.

To create smooth-running, user-friendly, and secure financial apps, we leverage cutting-edge technologies such as Blockchain, IoT, and AI. Our team has created more than 20 financial fintech software solutions, including peer-to-peer lending platforms, payment gateways, and intelligent finance management systems.

Solutions for fintech software development for traditional banking

Fintech Software Development Services - They provide fintech software development services that help organizations get ahead and remain ahead, from wealth management to peer-to-peer lending and from payroll fintech solutions to banking software. In advanced traditional banking, these things have an impact. So here's the deal: -

  • UI/UX (user interface/user experience) design
  • App creation for the web and mobile
  • Services for Blockchain
  • Services for Cybersecurity

Even though, Fintech engineers that are passionate about their work

Hire fintech financial software developers with high seniority, hourly rates, technical expertise, and prior experience designing apps for the finance industry.

JavaScript, Kotlin, Swift, Objective-C, Python, C#, .Net, and Java are some programming languages available.

Django, Flask, React Native, Flutter, React, Angular, Vue.js, and Node.js are some libraries, SDKs, and frameworks available. AWS, GCP, and Azure are examples of cloud services.

What is the current state of the FinTech revolution?

Historically, the financial services business has been reasonably quick to accept new ideas to serve clients better as technology has advanced. However, during the global financial crisis of 2008, everything changed. During the financial crisis, banks were preoccupied with adhering to a slew of new laws, regulatory obligations, and fines. Innovation was not a high focus.

During the same period, a slew of game-changing technology advancements revolutionized how we live and were ingrained in our daily routines - for example, the iPhone, Airbnb, Uber, WhatsApp, and WeChat. This created a significant gap between what banks could provide and what their clients had come to anticipate, particularly in terms of ease and user experience. And it was this need that the FinTech movement sought to fill.

What does this imply?

The FinTech business is currently transforming how financial services are offered. Customers will benefit significantly in terms of user experience or the convenience of access and cost savings.

However, there are other advantages, one of which is financial inclusion. There are currently over 2 billion people globally who do not have access to financial services. They don't have access to a bank account or a way to borrow money for education, so the only way they can save money is to stuff it beneath their mattress. 

It contributes to the perpetuation of the poverty cycle. The good news is that we can now provide them with financial services for the first time in history. And this is only the start. The FinTech revolution is here always.


Finance currently governs the globe, but technology will soon take over. You're probably behind the times if you're not aware of how technology is already transforming money. Furthermore, you will never catch up if you do not prepare the next generation to embrace innovation. 

As FinTech matures from a fringe movement to a mainstream phenomenon, it is critical to prepare students for the future of finance. As Henri Arslanian points out, the next generation of bankers may not be identified merely as bankers. To make a difference in the banking business, they must have dynamic knowledge and implementation skills.

 As a result, the most urgent requirement of the hour is to mold their financial careers into designers, programmers, and creative thinkers. A theoretical approach to finance based on first-hand experience may not be sufficient!

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