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How 5G Cellular Network Will Be A Boon To Businesses and Attack Surface For Hackers


The upcoming 5G cellular network is expected to the great boon factor in different ways but at the same time, it is also expected that it may create certain “attack surface” for the hackers as well. Among the different features offered by 5G technology, one of the noteworthy factors is the “lightening-fast” internet speed. On the other hand, it is also the factor to offer come risk, but why? It is all because it establishes an easy connection with the entire device that is found around you. This is much faster when compared to 3G/4G and Wi-Fi technology that is in practice now.

What is the risk?

Though different researches are going with the technologies, it is the fact that there are more chances for the hackers to easily hack the devices that are connected with the network of the Internet of Things. However, the current era lies in the evolution of IoT and 5G will be the field explodes. Within a few more decades, there are more chances for manipulating of more devices in this category that includes workplace-specific gadgets to smart buildings, home appliances, robot cars, etc.

Physically disruptive attacks

Besides data breaches, there are also certain consequences for the company. It might even lead to “kinetic” cyber attacks. It is completely a digital process where the physical movement of human or machine is not required. It is also the major reason for the IoT devices to improvise in controlling all activities like power flow, door locks, air conditioning, building system, vehicle operation, and several others. If any of these are hacked it is easy to weaponries and leads to the act of sabotage

IoT opens backdoor for the hackers

When people start using the Internet of Things technology, it is necessary to connect several devices in the network. At the instances, it is just enough to hack one device and it offers a way for getting information form more number of devices which in turn the entire devices will be hacked. The technology is not the only boon for the businessmen but for the hackers as well..

Super botnets

For many years, several businesses have faced lots of such cyber extortion that are because of different hackers. As the internet of things is developing, there are developments for ease of hackers. It has become easy for the hacker to enter into the website offline or disrupts all the connections or floods the traffic. For this, the hacker needs several other devices like “bonet”. In earlier days, the bonnets were some infected computers by now it is the IoT devices.

Final thought

There is no boon without curse! It depends on the way you maintain all the aspects of the system. Security is the most important thing and you need to concentrate more on them.