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how artificial intelligence is used to provide better lending decisions for customers of p2p lending fintech platforms


Published 2019-07-05

How Artificial Intelligence Is Used To Provide Better Lending Decisions For Customers Of P2P Lending Fintech Platforms

Artificial intelligence has become part and parcel of our life even you would have not aware of it. Right from virtual assistants, Chabot’s to other technologies role of artificial intelligence has become impeccable. Apart from common tasks AI in Fintech has revolutionized the industry. It helps Fintech services to provide fast and efficient services and also helps in cutting down the expenses and manpower. Most importantly it does not allow the personal aspirations of a credit officer when making the credit decisions for a particular user.

AI has allowed products from every niche to find the right financial supporters and potential customers. When it comes to peer-to-peer financing is not only about crowdfunding but also about includes P2P lending. The impact of AI helped the financial services to reverse the fund allocation process from one party to another with P2P lending. Currently, top Fintech services have created a platform that allows the individuals to lend their money to other individuals and earn interest from this. The companies will take a small amount of money as brokerage commission from both the parties. Let us know about how artificial intelligence is helping the customers to provide better lending decisions for the customers in P2P lending Fintech platforms:.

Better utilization of data:

Fintech companies are sharing a common platform which contains a wide pool of customer data that helps them to identify the borrower’s loan history and their ability to repay the loan. These data can be crunched and collected within seconds that helps them to analyse the borrower’s creditworthiness and likelihood to repay the loan.

Offering loans to more borrowers:

Due to the new lending models powered by AI Fintech companies are now able to provide loans to many borrowers within a quick span of time. Also, it allows small business owners to access loans without collateral. This is virtually impossible for small business owners to get quick loans without any collateral in the past.

Security assurance:

With AI in place, the companies are taking the necessary steps to safeguard customer details. This is also happening through artificial intelligence as financial companies are employing the right strategies to protect customer data.

With these impacts, large investors are started investing in financial services and they are also making a large amount of interest through financial technology companies.

Artificial intelligence has taken P2P lending by the storm which allows to cut down the cost and automate their process.

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