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how online examination system can be a savior during covid?

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Published 2021-02-23

How online examination system can be a savior during COVID?

With the coming up of man-made human disaster COVID-19, everything came to a standstill. From the basic going out to the offices, schools, to the vacations- the previous year was deserted. Not only salaried but many businessmen were forced to shut down their businesses due to lockdown. Students and teachers too suffered because of school closures and social distancing everywhere.  

The COVID-19 lockdown and the subsequent shift to virtual learning have forced us to look at the student-teacher dynamic, the examination system, and their shortcomings. The old-school method of teaching was easier for teachers and students to co-ordinate when it comes to conducting classes or examinations. But now, the normality is questioned! Governments across countries have initiated universities and higher education systems to adapt remote instruction to cover lectures, exams, evaluations, and result publications.  

The sudden lockdown has surely given a boost to online education worldwide with all schools, universities, and colleges giving way to the new way of teaching and learning. But the online education portals are in a new dilemma about how they could support online examinations? Here in this blog, we will discuss the different ways of how online examination can be a savior during COVID-19. 

The online examination system is a digital platform that evaluates students in a hassle-free way. The entire examination process is simplified and exams are taken from anywhere, anytime. 

Online examinations are slowly and steadily becoming the new normal, protecting the integrity of exams and exam data are becoming key areas of concern too. Kids are very notorious and they will try their level best to (you know what are we trying to say!). Experts and veterans are looking for software that comes with security features so that they could evaluate student’s performance effortlessly and provide timely remediation measures for improvement, now and beyond COVID.  

The online examinations are just not about conducting exams digitally, but about ensuring error-free exams where the students have their integrity intact. 

The need for online classroom software is evident to avoid any academic dishonesty. There are a certain set of exam security features that every online examination portal should have for an efficient education system: 

Protect the integrity of the exams

With AI elements and a cheating prevention system installed, online assessment tools prevent any suspicious activities during exams. The auto surveillance mode with web cameras connected to the system has a watch on the students taking up the final exams, just like a virtual invigilator. 

It continuously monitors and takes snapshots of the student in real-time, replacing a virtual invigilator. The screen capture records every single action of the student right from the beginning through to the end. 

Sharing the screen with Proctor 

There are options for the proctor to view the student’s screen with a screen sharing and webcam recording option. Here, proctor work doubles as they not only verify the footage of the webcam and screen capture once again and reviews them. 

Auto shuffling 

The ability to auto shuffle the questions as well as answers, is sure to make it tough for students who might attempt to copy during exams. In this sense, the educators and administrators have peace of mind.

Hassle-free exam scheduling 

Be it virtual online examination, flexibility in time is also needed these days. This means that you can arrange online examinations in time slots with of course different question papers. It leads to greater ease to the candidates in taking tests and completing them on time. 

Online examinations in this testing time have become a knight in the shining armor for schools and colleges because the students can not suffer for a year or till the time COVID is here. The world had come to a standstill but education must not stop.


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