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how online learning is capable of shaping the future of education?

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Published 2021-02-28

How online learning is capable of shaping the future of education?

When the COVID-19 pandemic stuck the world, every country went into full panic mode. Just about every industry took a major blow, with education being one of the largest areas of concern. Within a matter of days, specifically in India, every school and university had shut down indefinitely, causing instant uncertainty for the future of education. Everyday new concerns popped up with regards to how the industries will function and specifically the education industry. More and more questions were raised about the effective way of teaching without being physically present in the classroom for the safety of students and teachers.

With online technologies like Zoom, GoToMeeting, MS-Team, and Google meet, learning was able to continue so that students don’t fall behind and their studies do not get hampered. The intent of this blog post is to tell the world about the benefits of online education and the heights this new normal can achieve in the coming years. Due to the global pandemic that we are currently experiencing, a number of changes have been made in the way that education is continuing. By shifting to the online education environment, the tuition fees of attending colleges/universities might decrease, new technologies can come into the picture focusing on online learning, and the increase in student’s retention.


Thus, whether you’re thinking about starting a new course, embarking on a new learning challenge, or stuck in isolation and wondering how to productively use your time, online education/learning can be your knight in shining armor, read on further to find out why.


1.     With the increasingly widespread usage of online technologies and many other online learning tools, students and teachers are now able to greatly improve their educational experiences from the comfort and safety of their homes.


2.     There is no issue of stressing over to reach class on time (traffic chaos etc.!) though, in the online education for schools, a strict time-table is still followed. Only the medium is changed; the rest of everything is the same.


The CEO of Thinkific, Greg Smith, talks about another massive impact that online learning resources bring to the table. Because students and teachers no longer need to be in the same place at the same time, this has widened the scope of education. Now students from all over the world can be involved with any particular university without traveling. This not only goes for the education industry but also for businesses- small scale ones to be particular- they can also now branch out and acquire new clients from just about anywhere.


1.   Students can now participate in classes in their own space rather than in the space that was dictated by the person teaching an in-person course. This allows students to spend more time on the aspects of a course that are difficult for them as individuals while spending less time on topics that are easily understood.


2.     There has always been an issue for thousands who cannot afford to pay for college money. Well, online education too has a fee but comparatively less than what college/university asks for. This pandemic has lowered the costs of tuition that would make higher education more accessible and affordable for students throughout the country.



3.     It is also said that the physical interaction with the book, manufacturing, and other related costs, that the online version of the book is 80% less than the hard copy.


4.     You have access to courses and educational institutions around the world. So, why choose to study locally when you could study at the best university for your chosen subject? Online programs give you the opportunity to learn and study as much as you want at your own pace.


However, one issue that students might feel they are facing is the attention of their teachers and of course the high-quality and efforts they used to put in while giving the lessons. Though, with all new experiences there is always room for improvement, so believe that with time, the quality of online education will also progress as now this is the NEW NORMAL!

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