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how p2p lending platforms are changing the landscape of lending/borrowing industry and how traditional lenders are dealing with it


Published 2018-06-16

How P2P Lending Platforms Are Changing The Landscape Of Lending/Borrowing Industry And How Traditional Lenders Are Dealing With It

Peer to Peer Lending and borrowing are as primitive as the history of mankind! And, the lending-borrowing did not change much and remained similar, changing only the object being exchanged. Nowadays, money is itself lend and borrowed between peer to peer.

What is P2P lending?

Peer to peer lending refers to sharing the money with the ones in need by charging a little something more in repay than the needed amount.

How does P2P lending platforms works?

In P2P lending, the people, a person knows, usually comes up ahead to help by lending some money, against the lend sum, they might ask for some percent of interest. In this type of lending, a borrower with even the minimum collaterals can avail help in very less time.

How P2P lending platforms are changing the landscape in lending/borrowing?

With changing times, and digital transformation, this too is been taken to a digital level where several platforms are available online to let people avail funds by connecting them with the people who might be interested in lending the amount. The process is completely digital and online. People offer an interest rate differing from 3% to 8% and offer quick disbursements within just a few hours. The collaterals as such needed are minimal which makes it more convenient for the borrower. However, the lender has a bigger risk!.

Modern Lending versus Primitive Lending versus Banking:

Banks need lots of guarantees before lending money, so do the primitive lenders. However, modern lending needs no guarantee and provides quick help. Looking at the popularity of P2P lending, banks and other financial institutions have also started talking to investors and lending through them.

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