No doubt, there are numerous development methodologies to create Mobile App. Every method is unique in its own. React native is one of the methods which develop undistinguished native apps for mobile. This mobile app development framework is very useful that assists you not to merely develop high-quality and performance apps but also escalate developer’s productivity. 

React native is considered as the future of mobile app development because it reduces your expenses, saves time, enhances developer’s productivity and grants you permission to use the same code across distinct mobile platforms. One other thing you need to know about React Native is - the apps built on React Native framework is function just like other native app built on Java, Swift or Objective-C. 

Somewhere React Native assist to improve the Mobile App Development productivity but on which basis? It is the question remains yet. You’ll get answer below: 

Effective for Mobile Platform

React Native framework is designed considering different mobile platforms and device in mind. This platform is a super fast option for mobile app development as compared to old technologies.  

Live Reloading 

React Native framework renders live reloading tool through which code can be efficiently edited and changes can be made readily. 

Reusable Code 

Reusing the code in mobile app development through React Native is the most significant benefit of this framework. It is the cross-platform for mobile app development which enables to reuse the code of the application across the distinct platforms. 

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Advantages of React Native 

React Native is an open-source platform. That means all documentation related to this technology is open for everyone and is available for free to everyone in React Native community. There’s a great advantage to using a community-driven technology. For example, if you face any issue related to React Native development, you can get help from community experts or find information online.

Another benefit of working with an open-source platform is recognition for writing code. Developers can share their experiences and create portfolios, which encourages them to write better code. For example, after learning something new while working with React Native, a developer can share their experience with the GitHub React Native Community, get feedback, and collaborate with other members

Apart from the GitHub community, React Native is also greatly supported by Facebook. Facebook developers have set up a pecial forum for long-form conversation where other developers can share best practices and solutions. In addition, there’s a Reactiflux Chat if you need to get an immediate answer to any question. 

Reusable code & pre-built components is probably the most important advantage of React Native. With the convenience of this framework, developers don’t need to build a separate mobile app for each platform, as almost 90 percent of React Native code can be reused between iOS and Android.

For companies and organizations that are considering building a mobile app, React Native is a perfect solution that can cut the time and cost in half. Moreover, if a company already has a web app written in React, much of this code can be reused for building a mobile app.

An open-source library of pre-built components in React Native greatly speeds up the process of mobile app development. It’s likely that someone already has written the code for some functions you need to deploy in your app and that you can use it for free.

Walmart decided to revise their mobile app in React Native as they needed to improve app performance as quickly as possible. In this case, using React Native was the most beneficial decision as 96 percent of the code was shared between iOS and Android. React Native allowed the team of developers to improve app performance for both platforms quickly. 

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