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how to do better engagement in e-learning

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Published 2021-02-28


In the 21st century, the rise in the use of the internet has shot up to a huge extent, especially during the recent pandemic caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. A majority of countries experienced strict lockdowns, and arrangements were made so that people could get engaged in their work by staying at their homes. The student population had set up a learning station at their home and were taking up the online classes.


There has been a steep rise in the graph of internet usage and people’s dependency on web-based learning platforms. A large number of video-conferencing applications were introduced and the tough competition was to be seen in the industry. There is always scope for improvement in every field, and we must learn how to improvise the experience of e-learning that is beneficial for both the learner and the tutor.


Here are some of the steps that can be taken to improve the scope of e-learning for either side:

  • Visually simple interface

Avoiding any kind of complexities, unusual pictures, texts, images, etc., from the learning interface. This will help the learner to have a better grasp of the on-going topic. The structuring must be designed in an extremely simple manner. Additionally, it is always better to use visuals more than texts as it helps to gain learners’ attention for a longer period,

  • Pro-Navigable

The learning platform must be easily navigable and allow the user to quickly move between slides or courses. The buttons in the interface must be visible and approachable. The user must not face challenges to complete a particular task.

  • Social connectivity

The service provider can consider adding a panel of any social media platform so that the learners could connect among themselves. It would add an element of social community where the students can engage and discuss the relevant topics.

  • Facilitate discussion

It is one of the necessary aspects that should be focused upon so that a learning session could turn into an interesting one. Help promote the culture of healthy debates and encourage learners to ask questions in an unhesitant manner. Involving the learner in the process can prove to be greatly beneficial. 

  • Correct color scheme

The color scheme of the interface should be decent and attractive. It must be designed in a way that it neither looks extravagant nor it should look dull and boring. The fonts of the application must be easy to read, and the entire color theme should look calm.

  • Buffer and Break time

The learners must be given some time to rejuvenate themselves, especially in between the long sessions. It helps both the learner as well as the tutor to get refreshed and accumulate energy for the next session. The time limit to join a session must be eased out a little and a learner should be allowed to connect to the class even minutes after the commencement.

  • Quick Test and Assessment

To improve the learning process, the tutor must engage with the learners and access the level of understanding. It can be done in the form of a quick test or a short quiz so that the learners can exhibit their degree of interest in the entire process.


We must learn that there is always room for innovation, and we must take necessary steps so that a particular process becomes interesting and not seem like a burden for the entities involved. In the case of e-learning, the parties involved, i.e., the students and tutors, must feel enthusiasm while doing their respective duties.


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