“A React Native is a framework that works of JavaScript to simplify developing cross-platform functional mobile applications and for the UI/UX development.”

However, both React & the React Native are open-source JavaScript-based platforms. React is the JavaScript-based utility to build front-end web apps, while React Native framework is for building mobile apps for both Android and iOS operating systems platforms.

It is advisable to choose React Native for building your mobile applications because of its ability to build cross-platform applications.

Hire a master developer of the React Native development framework proficient in developing seamless and user-friendly apps. You need to test his skills while screening his application for the candidature.

Steps to Find React Native Developer

When you engage in finding an app developer for your React Native project, first thing first - you need to divide the recruitment process into three different levels of skill–Junior Developer, Middle-level Developer, and Senior Developer.Let’s discuss the skillset that you need to look for while hiring a React Native developer.

Project managers will hire junior developers initially to perform debugging, testing, and troubleshooting and will work under mid-level developers. You can find the junior level developers directly from the reputed institutes of the country with exceptional academic and in-house project performance.

A Junior Level React Native Developer should have expertise as:

  • Well-versed in writing JavaScript Code
  • Ability to work with React Native with ease
  • Ability to implement and incorporate Navigation
  • Knowledge of Redux
  • Performance Testing and Debug

The middle level will know all the above backed by some project experience, a robust portfolio, and demonstrable skillsets for use cases.

Middle-Level Professionals must be able to:

  • Optimize Performance
  • Develop and enhance specific Features in Mobile apps
  • Integration of various internal and external services
  • End to end Deployment of Apps

Senior React Native developers will have comprehensive React Native knowledge and skills, proven project management expertise, and track record. They must be able to train, coach, and manage large teams.

  • Having skills and expertise to develop end to end Native Apps
  • Integrate native libraries into React Native Apps
  • Setup end to end DevOps processes – Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery
  • Monitor and build an efficient workflow
  • Take the process forward with research and discussions

Let’s understand the requisite knowledge and skillsets in much detail:

Knowledge of JavaScript Inside Out

It is imperative that a React Native developer must be proficient and know them inside out in JavaScript. A React Native professional with no expertise of JavaScript would not be a good fit for the profile.

ES6 & React Native Skill and Knowledge

Irrespective of the level you are hiring for, React Native Developer should have ES6 and React Native knowledge. Your questions must focus on finding out how well he knows about these technologies. ES6 and React interviews will involve highly technical tests to find out the requisite skill sets.

Work with React Native

Test how well the candidate knows React Native application development. Is he learning or having hands-on experience of developing React Native applications that he can show? The candidate must be able to showcase the previous project apps and Portfolio on specific React Native projects.

A highly skilled React Native professional will walk you through her React Native based mobile app development projects. Hire a professional who has demonstrable experience in handling or being a part of React Native Mobile app development projects with reputed organizations.

If you are hiring for backend projects, hire someone who has experience in backend development skills. You need to check the knowledge of backend technologies of React Native. Ask questions relevant to the back end project, such as how much she knows about Meteor or has she worked with Parse Server. 

Check the technical concepts of Redux to test the Redux skills of the candidate.

User Friendly UX/UI

You need to build a User-friendly and easy-to-navigate design of UX/UI of the mobile app on React Navigation and the React Native Navigation. A developer must have the requisite knowledge of these tools.

Performance Optimization

Performance optimization of your mobile app will ensure how fast and seamlessly it can run. The smooth functioning of your mobile app will help take your software development business a notch above. You need a developer who understands the mobile app optimization techniques and can add wings to your mobile app function.

Performance Debugging & Testing

Candidates opting to be a developer in React Native must have the skill for debugging and testing on React Native framework. Project managers and owners will assign the performance debugging and testing jobs to the Junior Developers.

Final Words

“The most sought-after React Native developers can build native apps using web technologies. The ideal candidate for your React Native projects should have all the skills to transition eventually to a React native specialist as a part of career progression.”

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