The essence of the employee onboarding software:

Onboarding is the process of welcoming new employees to an organization and helping them become familiar with the company. It typically includes a set of procedures that introduce new hires to their jobs, benefits, company culture, policies, and procedures, as well as other information that can help ease the transition. The custom software solutions that have been developed by DigiPrima are aimed at employee retention. These are some of the main features you can use to keep your employees: performance monitoring systems, payroll management, recruitment and selection resources, employee training and development systems, e-learning software, and software outsourcing services.

Employee onboarding software is an HR system that helps to manage administrative tasks related to bringing new employees to an organization. For example, onboarding applications can help management track job applications, and automatically send onboarding checklists and welcome emails to new hires. Employee onboarding applications are often integrated with HR systems such as applicant tracking systems (ATS), payroll programs, and timekeeping operations as well. The onboarding software is designed in such a way that it not only eases the process of onboarding new employees but also helps in transforming the whole hiring procedure. From the start to the end, it takes care of the initial training and then the on-job training. It provides you with the features that can transform the whole onboarding process from a lengthy and troublesome procedure to a tech-savvy, advanced, less time-consuming and 100% digital process.

Employee onboarding software is accessible 24/7 from any device, keeping a track record of potential candidates and employees. It enables businesses to streamline time-consuming administrative tasks during the hiring process and allows for quick access to their information in one convenient location.

Key benefits of HR Onboarding Software

Quick onboarding- An onboarding application is a digital solution that helps businesses onboard new hires. With an on-demand video portal, an organization can consolidate, structure, and provide access to its content like videos about their organization, vision and mission statements, and policies. As a result, it becomes easier to organize the onboarding training for employees without having to print out hard copies of materials for distribution.

Error-free onboarding- Human error is one of the main causes of onboarding problems. Completing multiple elongated onboarding forms can take a long time, leaving new hires with a lot of tasks to remember on their first day. By using onboarding software, new hires are able to fill out and sign all necessary forms and documents electronically and managers can build workflows and monitor how new employees follow them. This helps avoid confusion, possible mistakes, and even employee

Onboarding compliance- New hires are one of the most vulnerable groups in any company. It is necessary to have measures in place to ensure that new employees are aware of essential policies, laws, and regulations that could affect their work or the well-being of your company. Employee onboarding software makes it easy to track any materials provided to new hires and ensures compliance with HR requirements.

The Best HR Software For Onboarding:

1) Gusto- Gusto is a human-friendly cloud payroll and HR platform that replaces all the paperwork headaches in your small business. You can also use Gusto to pay employees and collect taxes on autopilot. The platform allows you to customize offer letter templates that reflect your culture and style. Gusto's platform helps you do this. You'll get an onboarding checklist that includes everything new hires need to get started, such as important forms that must be signed and benefits that need to be set up. And you can make your own checklists, too. We even have tools that let you delegate tasks and track their progress so you don't miss a thing.

2) Zenefits- Zenefits is a popular employee onboarding solution among top startups, small businesses, and medium-sized companies. Zenefits offers new hire record-keeping and onboarding solutions to businesses in the United States and Canada. Features include HR software for managing payroll, benefits administration, and compliance. Zenefits provides a comprehensive onboarding solution, including a dedicated employee self-service portal, document management, and data collection functionality to help new hires get up to speed quickly.

3) GoCo- GoCo HR is an innovative and effective human resource management solution that offers onboarding software. The system generates all of the required documents needed for the onboarding of a new employee, including I-9 forms, W-4 forms, confidentiality agreements, and more. Once it has collected all the necessary documents, it centralizes them into one centralized location for easy access by employers or employees. GoCo’s onboarding tool supports related employee-centric services such as payroll management, benefits enrollment, and employee self-service. It also maintains compliance throughout the employee’s tenure, all without additional manual input.

4) BambooHR- BambooHR is a full-service onboarding tool that benefits from supporting related employee-centric services such as integrated applicant tracking, performance management, and e-signatures. BambooHR’s popularity comes from its data centralization which makes employee onboarding and management a seamless process. BambooHR’s onboarding software is designed to help HR teams get new hires up and running in their first week on the job. Built with a simple interface, BambooHR makes it easy for new hires and HR teams to dive right into the paperwork they need to complete upon starting a new job. The open API allows companies the ability to customize various aspects of the onboarding process. This helps create a familiar environment for both new hires and HR staff so that everyone can begin their work with ease.

5) WorkBright- WorkBright is the premier onboarding tool that helps create a completely paperless onboarding process. It can be accessed by employees, managers, and HR through an intuitive mobile-friendly platform. The system automates and streamlines the onboarding process with a combination of secure document submission and automated data analytics. With WorkBright’s scalable and adaptive technology, organizations can quickly adapt to changing regulations, ensuring compliance with best practices while reducing administrative costs. WorkBright onboarding software provides timely and efficient onboarding of new hires by sending reminders to them via email, ensuring the timely submission of their required information. The entire process is managed through an integrated digital HR filing cabinet.

6) Lessonly- Lessonly is an onboarding software that integrates learning tools and HR functions into one complete HR and learning platform. Their onboarding software allows companies to quickly create a custom training program for their employees, using various learning methods such as quizzes, videos, and flashcards. Lessonly is a digital onboarding software that helps new hires succeed in customer support and sales teams. It offers a customer interaction rehearsal feature that connects managers and new employees in real-time. Managers and team leaders can provide feedback and adjust an employee’s sales approach.

7) ClearCompany- ClearCompany's onboarding tool, which was designed with small and medium companies in mind, offers a user-friendly solution for the standard onboarding processes. It covers recruitment, onboarding, performance management, goal tracking, and training delivery. Each new hire is provided access to a personalized portal that provides them with all the documents and information they need on their first day. Managers can also oversee the entire employee life cycle with the help of an intuitive dashboard. Since Clear Company uses your existing ATS, you don’t have to worry about any data transfer concerns. However, if you don’t already have one, they can provide one or suggest an alternative solution.

8) Avature Onboarding- Avature Onboarding is a cloud-based software solution designed with usability as its core focus. It offers automatic data import, personalization, and configuration to make the onboarding experiences simple, smooth, and seamless. Primarily created for business organizations with a large-scale workforce (5,000+), Avature Onboarding provides document management for I-9 forms, electronic forms, e-verification, employee handbook(s), personal forms, and more! The extensive feature list also includes a job description, orientation workflow, task, and training management in an all-in-one package.

9) Wisp- Wisp is a mobile-first employee onboarding solution that helps new hires acclimate to the workplace. Designed with a mobile-first approach, it makes processes such as orientation, training, and HR steps easily accessible to both new employees and HR staff. We understand that onboarding is not a one-size-fits-all process. Each team member has varying needs, from how much information they need, who they want to receive it from, and what devices they use. Our mobile-first approach to employee onboarding makes sure each employee gets the information that is relevant to them in a way that suits their individual styles and preferences.

10) ChiefOnboarding- ChiefOnboarding is a cloud-based onboarding solution that allows companies to make the onboarding experience as seamless as possible. The software works to make the onboarding process fast and efficient, streamlining the way companies handle it. It features all standard onboarding features as well as others that assist with Agile processes. In addition to being fast and efficient, ChiefOnboarding's interface is simple and easy to use. As the first onboarding software designed for the Agile process, ChiefOnboarding is a simple and efficient solution that can be integrated into any workflow. ChiefOnboarding lets you create custom onboarding journeys for all your new hires. Its streamlined and user-friendly dashboard allows you to focus on building your best teams by allowing you to plan and execute your onboarding strategies in an entirely new way.


With the help of an onboarding software, you will be able to easily manage your newly hired employees. Employers can also take advantage of this organized and automated process, as they don't have to rely on as many personnel, especially with HR, to train and keep track of new employees on their behalf. Your new employee will be able to take their place in your organization quickly and more efficiently. This way, they can contribute their skills and knowledge to your company and provide you with more value and returns in less time.

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