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Why It’s Time To Invest In Migrating Legacy System (Mainly In Finance And Banking) To Modern Infrastructure, Especially For Developing Countries.


Migrating Legacy System in finance and banking are as old as written in the 60s or 70s or 80s. The primitive systems were written and developed with Corporate Business-Oriented Programming Language (COBOL), which, then at its age, was capable to justly do its work but comparatively, now, it can handle just a single task, and so, it is good to bid adieu to it.

With time, more banking operations digitalized and these systems were expected to handle multiple tasks. Since the legacy systems are still in COBOL, there are a lot of issues.

Firstly, the language is undoubtedly capable of delivering the best and long-lasting systems, but not capable enough to deliver the system that can be migrated or written with any other language.

Secondly, the system is very developed on a very old language, the people who practiced it, are all grown quite old, thus, mostly out of the coding thing and working only as IT Heads or IT Consultants with some or other financial institution .

Thirdly, it’s getting hard to find capable and skilled coders, as the language is getting old, so fewer people are opting to learn it, thus a lot of risk of losing the people and money.

Fourthly, the old-day legacy systems are heavily coded, thus complex and intertwined. These systems also have several layers for handling any instruction. Which makes the program bulky to execute and run and the systems face failure more often!

Lastly, in developed nations with large setups and servers, this is not much of an issue, but in developing nations, where capital investment on the sleekest thing matters a lot, modernization of this legacy system is a must!

Hence, modern infrastructure can do much better, comparatively!

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