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react native: is it the right step for startup?

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Published 2021-08-23

React Native: Is It The Right Step For Startup?

Still confused whether to choose React Native as your platform or not for your start-up? Here is an article that will clear all your misperceptions.

React Native is a JavaScript framework for writing natural and native mobile rendering applications for IOS and Android. It is based on React, the JavaScript library Facebook uses to create user interfaces, not for browsers but mobile platforms. We can now write mobile applications that look and feel very native, all of which can easily use JavaScript libraries that we know and love. Since most of the code you write can be used across platforms, React Native can quickly be developed for Android and IOS. React Native currently supports IOS and Android, and has the potential to expand to future platforms.

If you have ever worked in a startup or know someone who does this, you know that employees are very busy every day of the week, and in a fast-growing startup, this can sometimes take up to 7 days.  Startup companies are developing rapidly. 

If you are wondering if React Native is suitable for your startup or not, then you need to stop because React Native is the right platform for you. You may have many questions regarding this, but sit as you will be given the reasons for using it. 

Famous companies like Pinterest, Winx, and Myntra once used React Native to build their brands up.

Advantages of React Native: 

Below is a list of all the advantages of React Native being a suitable platform for your cross framework. 

Lesser time to market:

The time required for an application to go from concept to a consumer is essential to any startup. You cannot spend years creating application masterpieces and waiting for consumers to arrive. 
 When your startup chooses React Native to develop their apps, more than 90% of the code base is shared between IOS and Android.
On average, 1,024 applications appear in the Apple Store every day, so the benefits of early loading should not be ignored. Your application is successful.

More developers are accessible:

React Native has existed for more than half a century, which means that your startup has a huge developer market to pick the best programmers, as long as you pay more.

Supported third-party plugins:

A certain degree of customization is allowed for unfamiliar third-party plugins, which are not available on other platforms. One of PVU React Native is that it supports third-party plugins. 

Because React Native does not have all the components in its core framework, it uses third-party plugins that include native modules and Javascript. 

For example, if you want to extend your application with the map function in your application, you can integrate third-party plugins into your React Native application at any time. 

Declarative coding:

Declarative programming is a technology that describes and implements a program/user interface through React.

Declarative programming makes your code more readable and understandable. 

To put it simply, instead of saying, "Can you bring me a glass of this drink?" you can say, "Please have a beer." 

With React, you can easily change the program's state, and the user interface will also be adjusted accordingly. 

 Lower cost:

Building mobile multi-platform applications is much cheaper than building separate applications for IOS and Android. 

Salary is one of the most expensive costs for startups.

According to this survey, a company with five employees spends about $305,000 on salary on average. 

If you choose React Native, you only need to pay one developer to help you get your application up and running on Android and IOS instead of hiring two independent developers. The money saved can be used for other important functions, such as marketing. 

Reusable components:

A React Native application is a set of elements in the component tree. Each of these components has its own logic and control. 

Reusable components work the same on Android and IOS, which means you don't have to worry about supporting both platforms simultaneously. 

Reusing specific components also makes it easier to develop and maintain code. If the implementation details of a component change, you only need to include it in one place, and you need effects in other areas. 

Ready-made solutions and libraries:

In order to speed up the development process, React Native bundles many ready-made tools and libraries. 

These libraries speed up the development process.

To conclude with, all the advantages are brought in front of you. So, if the aforementioned benefits of this software are essential to you and you think that this will help to build your startup, then go ahead. Just to assure you, even research says that react native is the right platform for start-ups. So why wait any longer when the questions have already been answered. Hire the developers quickly and get down to work.

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