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telehealth: a potential solution to address the healthcare problems and its costs


Published 2019-06-24

Telehealth: A Potential Solution To Address The HealthCare Problems And Its Costs

The digital technology is making higher impact in recent times. Among the vast number of industries benefited, the healthcare sector is also fueled by digital technology. With the telehealth, it is easy and possible to reimaging the physician to visit the patient's house without physical travel. The idea of the virtual visit has offered benefit to several patients and the clinicians highly.

The clinical workflow will be improved 

Advanced telehealth technologies will highly help in improving the clinical workflow. In the case of the telehealth platform, it helps the staffs to capture the details of the patients and the reason for the call, visit and prioritize the care need to be given to the patients. Also, this will help suggest the best treatment guidelines and find additional information resources

With the help of e-Healthcare technologies, it is possible to use the natural processing that will take the free-text consumer input to translate into the medical terminologies. This process will help in the patient's text for the chief complaint, SNOMED, acuity and ICD10 codes and several others. The structured data will be further used in the telehealth platform to automatically place the cases in particular rank considering some severity of the individual complaints. As a result, the fastest and the most efficient treatment for each patient can be found.

Health care quality can be enhanced 

The telehealth improves healthcare quality, especially in rural areas. It is because the technology can improve service delivery and treat the conditions accurately. With this telehealth, it is also easy to divert unwanted ER visits. Further, the convenience of receiving treatment by allowing patients to receive intense care and without too much of traveling will also be possible.

The gap direct contact of the patients and doctors will be eliminated 

With the offering of the direct connectivity between the patients and the doctors, there are possibilities for the elimination of the gap by instant virtual visits. If the patient needs the treatment, the doctor can easily visit them, access all the information, and offer the right treatment with no delay. Also, the doctor will be able to know that the patients are taking the right medication under the right time.

This is highly beneficial in case of some serious issues like cardiac arrest, where the treatment is necessary as soon of the cardiac attack and regular monitoring of the patients. Telehealth becomes smarter tools under such hard circumstances.

Engagement and satisfaction will be improved 

Telehealth is the new tool that is handled by the clinicians that help to improve their efficiency in so many ways. The result is not increased in satisfaction of delivering the highest possible patient care but it also decreases the risk of several workloads as it can be managed easily. Ultimately, communication with the patients also will be enhanced.

Final thoughts 

It is expected that by the end of the next 5 years, the number of people using the telehealth technology will be around 350,000 and this is the result of the efficiency of the technology. Telehealth is in its growth, join hands with the right Healthcare technology to stay happy and healthy!

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