The IoT devices work incessantly around the clock for your business security, to protect your money, deter the thieves and miscreants, and help you in any emergency with real-time alert and panic buttons.

Here are the top 20 applications that can transform your business in 2020.

1.Smart City

Smart City uses IoT technology and sensors with innovative IoT devices installed in the smart city to make the city management system efficient. The IoT enabled city infrastructure offers solutions to the blockages encountered in managing a regular city life.

2.Smart Lighting

IoT backed Smart Lighting technology is the fourth most mature IoT network that aims to optimize energy resource management. The IoT enabled smart street lighting is energy efficient. The city can save up to 80% of the energy.

3.Smart Parking

Smart Parking includes Sensors attached to the parking lots to detect parked cars. It monitors and periodically sends data to the cloud by the micro-controller. The Mobile apps identify the empty parking space and enable Drivers to check closest vacant parking space.

4.Structural Health Monitoring

IoT can manage the quality of city structures and complexes. Structural Health monitoring enables the smart city to monitor the health of its structures, collect data remotely to monitor the impact of structural vibrations, and changes in material conditions.

5.Waste Management

Traditionally, waste management was an arduous, labor-intensive, and hazardous job. The city with IoT network is better equipped to handle messy, complicated, and expensive waste collection. The IoT sensors can monitor the fill levels of bins, plans routes, and garbage disposal efficiently.


Smart IoT enabled Healthcare systems includes Smart Watch, Ingestible Sensors, Insulin Pens, and Smart CGMs, Patient Surveillance/Remote Patient Monitoring for Health monitoring.

7.Smart Homes

A smart home is a system with all appliances connected via the internet. Some equipment can connect to an IoT network for better performance, such as Refrigerator, Air Conditions, Home door and security system. Smart Homes include Remote Control Appliances and Home Intrusion Detection Systems.


Agricultural Drones are apt for monitoring and observing a massive crop field with ease that was a daunting and labor-intensive, time-consuming task previously. Agricultural drone surveys a vast area to share observations and highlight the issues.

9.Connected Car

Movies with self-driven cars have become a reality with smart IoT devices. You can control your vehicle by a voice command or using a smartphone app connected to the network of IoT devices on the internet. 

10.Precision Farming

IoT is not a prerogative of city dwellers. Agricultural farmers can use IoT in Agricultural farming. By implementing IoT in agriculture, farming can be made efficient. A farmer can collect useful data by field observation, vehicle monitoring, measure temperature and humidity, and much more.

11.Smart Grid

The electrical equipment, IT and computer network, automation, and power supply equipment are a part of the Smart Grid Network. IoT help connect the devices to two-way communication to bring the end-user needs and utility together, thus increasing the output of a country.


The IoT network in a smart factory helps to execute the tasks, such as schedule maintenance, Product shipment management, and efficient operations flows control. It helps the factory floor supervisors to manage the entire operations seamlessly on a smart IoT network.

13.Smart Retail

Shop Floor management for retail operations has become a lot easier on an IoT network. The IoT network makes the shopping experience easy, effective, timesaving, and seamless. Smart Retail ‘things’ comprise RFID chips, Wi-Fi monitoring, and mobile applications. The IoT devices make the checking out quick and secure form both parties.

14.Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management smart network enables the manufacture and retailer to maintain, manage, and optimize inventory efficiently. The IoT devices help efficient tracking of products in transit with the help of GPS monitoring and RFID tag on a product.

15.Traffic management and monitoring

In heavily populated cities, managing traffic is a challenge but no more manually controlling traffic equipment. IoT sensors help in traffic signal control, robust surveillance with image processing enabled intelligent solutions.

16.Remote Control Appliance

RCA helps businesses manifold with ease and efficiency. RCA enables turning on lights to optimize energy, starting appliances like coffee maker, setting the temperature of air condition or microwaves, locking doors and security enabled systems.

17.Home Intrusion Detection System

Home security has emerged as a popular IoT enabled security system to protect your establishments when you are away.

18.IoT enabled Blockchain supply chain management

IoT helps bring in transparency and traceability across the product life cycle, from the origin of goods up to their transportation until it reaches the end-user hands. 

19.Smart Toys

 IoT has something to offer to everyone, even for children. From smart cars to interactive toys for kids and adults, IoT devices are omnipresent in all walks of life and increasing every minute, every hour. Kids have the apps to control smart toys on the IoT network. 

20.Water Management

IoT plays a crucial role in water conservation, smart irrigation, leakage management, and water quality management. IoT sensors determine chemicals, identify metrics for total dissolved solids, bacteria, chlorine, check the temperature and chemical leakage, etc.

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