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top-notch benefits of using a cloud-based ehr software

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Published 2019-07-23

Top-Notch Benefits Of Using A Cloud-Based EHR Software

The cloud-based Electronic Health Records (EHR) plays a paramount role in healthcare center for providing the best and most convenient services to the patients. In every healthcare centre, the patient’s records and medical report is quite important, so it should be handled correctly. With the help of cloud-based Electronic Health Records,  doctors are able to enhance their operational efficiency by promoting the confidence level of the patients.

This cloud-based storage can keep your patient's private records safely and you can access it anywhere and at any time by using internet connection. In cloud-based EHR, the data and reports are stored on external servers that can be accessed and analyzed on the web. Here are the list of benefits mentioned below by using EHR system.

Enhanced Level Of Security

Data and reports of the patients have been stored on the external servers of cloud-based EHR software that can be retrieved by using the internet-enabled device. This system can be effectively managed by the software as a service (SaaS) provider, so you need not worry about the installation and maintenance cost of this software. Both the physician and the SaaS provider have to take responsibility for the patient’s data security. The cloud-based EHR software can offer wide ranges of safeguard solutions to preserve this sensitive information.

Security and Compliance for EHR Software:

Security -

Data Encryption, securing data while transmitting over the network. Under the HIPAA security rule, patient data will be encrypted wherever possible.

  •  Access Token -

Credential will be used by the application to access an API.

  • HL7 interfaces -

One system will serve as the "master" and will conserve all patient information, which will flow into another systems. This will dismiss the need to key data into multiple systems and will eliminate need of re-enter data into the system avoiding the chances or error. Also will provide a method of moving data between the two endpoints.

  •  CCR -

 Continuity of Care Record can be implemented in next phase. CCR contains patient demographics, insurance and health care provider information, medication lists, allergies and recent medical history. An HL7 interface includes:

  •  CCD -

Continuity of Care Document can be implemented in next phase. The CCD

Ease To Acquire

The instant access has been provided by the EHR software for accessing vital information such as patient records, lab reports, and some other significant information. Besides, the access permission has also been permitted for the patients for enhancing the continuity of care. Not all the software can fulfill this role except cloud-based electronic health records.

Cost-Efficient System

The installation and maintenance cost of the cloud-based EHR system is quite surprising for everyone. Initially, healthcare centre has to spend some amount of money on buying the required equipment, software and license. Hereafter, you can able to obtain cloud-based EHR software for your healthcare centre at an affordable price as well as you need not pay a maintenance fee.

Reduce Your Complexities

The medical practices can be extended on the cloud-based system even in the absence of standard IT growing techniques. With the help of this web-based software, you can able to minimize the addition of locations, new users or doctors.

Trouble-Free To Implement

There is no need for hardware and software implementation because the EHR software can run on the web instead of a computer. When compared with the traditional client-server system, the EHR software implementation process is much quicker and you can obtain a faster return on investment. Besides, the implementation cost has also been very low along with free maintenance.

Improved Productivity Range

Deliver quality patient care is a quite challenging and cumbersome task without the help of cloud-based EHR software. If any of the unexpected medical errors have happened in the patient’s report, it will create a bad impression on healthcare center. With the help of this Healthcare technology, you also have an opportunity to maintain the records effectively.

Make use of this information, if you want to know about the importance of cloud-based EHR software. Hope you have understood about the benefits offered by this software in healthcare. 

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