The world in the 21st century is rapidly moving towards progress and the unmatched role played by the internet in recent years has made it possible for people to reach the sky limits. The developing, as well as the developed countries, are taking necessary steps so that the facility of the internet could reach the common persons. The Internet has been making continuous technological advancements for decades now and has made human lives easier.

Communication across the globe has been possible with the help of the internet. Connecting with any given person present in a random place and time has become an extremely easy task. The Internet has provided the base for the transfer of communication components like video, audio, etc. The quality of this communication transfer has also improved with time with the help of continuation in research and development. One such development that has proved to be outstanding in the modern world is the WebRTC that stands for Web Real-Time Communication.

The terms WebRTC and Interactive Live Streaming may sound complex to a layman. In simpler words, WebRTC is an open interface for the web that allows improved communication with accurate dimensions. It helps in communicating via the internet with the high-quality components in video chat applications. WebRTC additionally allows the inclusion of real-time communication between the devices and the browser. If WebRTC has to be understood in a single line, it can be explained as a technical tool that allows video and audio communication in a simple web page, that too without any additional plugins installed.

Working of the WebRTC

WebRTC works in a way that its components are infused in the browser of the device and with the help of JavaScript APIs, the developer can create their own RTC enabled web page. Almost all renowned browsers like Google, Mozilla, Opera, etc. support the functioning of WebRTC. Irrespective of the browser on either side of a given channel, real-time communication becomes easy with the help of WebRTC. The transfer of media is smooth under the scope of WebRTC as it sends the media components directly to the second party without getting it stored in the middle of the channel.

There are 3 wide categories of channels in the WebRTC framework:

1. Video Channel

2. Audio Channel

3. Data Channel

The Video Channel allows the transfer of live video components to the other device smoothly without any external interference like advertisements, etc.

Audio Channel transfers the audio components from one device to another with the support of WebRTC. The voice transfer enables both parties to hear real-time sounds with the help of WebRTC.

Data Channel enables the user to transfer information via the secure channel of WebRTC. It includes the transfer of texts, chatting, information, etc. No third party can have access to this kind of information transfer.

The channels explained above can also work in synchronization with each other. Video, Audio and Data channel allows an individual to connect with the other individual and sharing the real-time components like voice, video, texts, etc. Web Real-Time Communication is pre-installed in all the renowned browsers, therefore, there isn’t any requirement of installing any external software for the same purpose.

If this tool is assessed from the security point of view, then we can establish a fact that WebRTC is one of the most secure ways of transferring information. WebRTC is being standardized on a global level as many renowned platforms and forums like World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), as well as Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), are supporting the use of WebRTC. The sole purpose of these platforms is to popularize and standardize the access of high-quality media transfers from one device to another with the help of the internet.

All the popular web applications in the present times like Facebook, Google, WhatsApp, etc. promote the use of WebRTC and enable people to have a secure transfer of media, information, etc. more swiftly.

Interactive Live Streaming

Live Streaming technology allows an individual to have or provide access to real-time media. One can stream on a device that has a decent internet connection like a tablet, phone, computer, etc. During the present times, the usage of live streaming has widened to a great extent. The OTT platforms like Netflix, Prime, etc. work on the principles of Live Streaming. These transfers of video/audio can also be private and no external force can affect the live streaming. It is one of the secure ways to share/watch video/audio and have access to information provided by the other party.

The application of Live Streaming can be largely seen in several industries like auctions, gambling, OTT platforms, gaming, etc. The application and uses of Interactive Live Streaming as well as Web Real-Time Communication must be appreciated in the present times.

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