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what is the importance of fintech in the financial sector? why it is needed?


Published 2022-03-19

What is the Importance of fintech in the financial sector? Why it is needed?

Fintech-enabled banks have a greater chance of long-term success and competitiveness. This article discusses notable cooperation between well-known banks and FinTech vendors and how financial technology benefits the financial and banking industries. Fintech is a rapidly growing business that combines financial services with intelligent technology. It is a tremendous engine of technological growth, with an annual increase in worldwide technological influence.

Furthermore, the COVID-19 pandemic, which is pushing new technologies, necessitates a new degree of speed and adaptability from the IT industry. Fintech giants like Visa and Mastercard, in particular, are ardent proponents of the entry of fintech in all business sectors, promoting the development of new technology and instruments for monetary transactions.

How Fintech Affects the Banking Industry's Future

The main question now is: how will fintech influence banks? To summarise, fintech's impact on the future of banking will be most visible in the following areas:

  • Improved competitiveness;

  • Increasing customer service quality;

  • The bank's physical branches and personnel resources are being reduced.

  • Increasing the productivity of labor processes;

  • Creating new investment possibilities;

  • Providing security from beginning to conclusion;

  • Processes for risk management optimization.

All of these possibilities for fintech's impact on banks point to the fintech industry's rapid rise.

Using Financial Technology to Improve the Financial and Banking Industry

We'll show you some solutions that showcase the impact of the fintech app for finance on the banking sector.

  • Technology for Smart Cards

Smart cards, which combine all of your cards digitally in one payment solution, progressively appear on the market alongside Apple Pay and Google Pay systems that operate through a smartphone.

First, rather than using dozens of physical cards, owners of smart cards can combine them into a single card. They also can pay with a smart card at any store that accepts card payments and transfers. As a result, banking institutions that apply this technology offer their customers an entirely new level of service, particularly in terms of the convenience and security of their cash.

  • Biometrics

The most apparent application of biometrics in banking is the quick and accurate identification of a customer at various stages and in many financial transactions. The second element is security when processing personal and financial data. This is true for all payment and transfer systems, banking and personal finance, lending, asset, investment financial management, and insurance.

Face ID algorithms in modern smartphones and tablets use the simplest biometrics; with their help, you may access Google Pay and Apple Pay systems.

  • Blockchain

Blockchain is a distributed ledger that tracks digital asset transactions involving real estate, money, land, and intangible items. Patents, copyrights, and branding are only a few examples. Fintech's impact on financial services minimizes risks and costs for all parties involved in the transaction. Furthermore, a significant majority of payments are completed rapidly.

Transactions on the blockchain take only a few seconds to complete, and transaction confirmation might take anywhere from a few minutes to several hours. Because all blockchain payments are irreversible, confirmations must defend against online fraud.

  • Chatbots

Chatbots now handles two-thirds of all consumer inquiries in banking, telecommunications, and online retail. Chatbots have emerged as a new means of communication between banks and their customers. This communication structure is natural in the present world since it allows many concerns to be resolved swiftly, conveniently, and 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Many banks also allow consumers to use their chatbots, which may perform various customer service activities.

Chatbots have also become added-value services for banks, helping those better serve clients and boosting the productivity of their support systems without generating revenue.

  • E-Wallets

Electronic wallets are a type of electronic payment system. Users can send and receive money transfers and pay for goods and services using an e-wallet instead of cash or their bank account. Even though online banking is a natural alternative to e-wallet, banks can still supplement existing internet banking programs. The second option could help make secure transactions.

Using the capabilities of a digital banking wallet to increase the present number of services can minimize the need for branches while also providing revenue streams from transactional and non-transactional user behaviors.

  • AI-assisted systems

Virtual agents (computer-generated animated figures functioning as online advisors), analytical services, and recommendation systems (algorithms for improving goods and services) are among the artificial intelligence-based technologies driving today's banking industry's success. Because AI can quickly analyze considerably more significant volumes of data, self-learn, and acquire knowledge at a record high speed, AI-based technology solutions increase user-financial institution engagement.

Furthermore, software developers use artificial intelligence to create advanced network security systems that automatically detect aberrant activity and stop threats.

We've compiled a list of the top 10 FinTech Development Companies to Watch in 2022.

  1. Razorpay

  2. Cashfree

  3. Paytm

  4. Bharat

  5. Pe

  6. Cred

  7. Digit

  8. Turtlemint

  9. Zerodha

  10. Groww

  11. Small case

Fintech enterprises in India have multiplied due to the epidemic forcing the adoption of digital financial services. So, these were some top-rated fintech development companies. Fintech has grown to be a multibillion-dollar business because, unlike the traditional banking system, it allows many industries to analyze their data in numerous ways and makes it easier for consumers.

TechMagic assists in the development of fintech products.

The TechMagic team has extensive experience in FinTech applications development and can assist you in developing reliable, secure, and competitive financial instruments of any complexity. Our case studies for current financial organizations can help you learn more about our experience.


Tide is a B2B fintech and banking solution for small and medium businesses that offers basic and advanced financial services via a user account. It was created for iOS-based mobile devices. We used Swift for the tech stack.


Tomato Pay is a self-service software solution for the fintech and banking industries, specifically financial partners, API-based. It allows customers to tailor product targeting and access client data, risk assessment, and customer acquisition. We utilized React to build this project.


The ability of humans to adapt to change is at the heart of all technological growth, and fintech is the outcome of one such human trait that stimulates innovation. Fintech and banking have joined forces to help restore the financial sector by assisting both the banking sector and the clients simultaneously. They assist in providing features that can be integrated with financial platforms via various applications.

Fintech services, which provide a wide range of financial services, will soon become prevalent in the banking sector and fintech start-ups. Fintech, on the other hand, will be affected if the banking sector is in any way disrupted. The financial system is transitioning to an entirely new paradigm that will address everything from digital identification to digital sovereignty.

Fintech, on the other hand, will be affected if the banking sector is in any way disrupted. Fintech companies' existence has cleared the door for financial inclusion, making banking services more accessible and convenient.

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