Fintech development

One of the powerful sectors where Blockchain
Technology has made a splash is in the Fintech Industry

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Specialized technology consulting and development solutions for the Banking and Finance Industry

The swift technological improvements have changed the global banking and finance industry entirely over the past decade.
The customer demands in this sector are raising, newer competitors are coming in the market and the regulatory authorities are making the rules difficult to follow. Battling all this and still keeping the growth pace high is dependent largely upon the technical handshaking with the process and operations.

Disruptive FinTech Solutions

  • Online Banking Predictive Analysis
  • Financial Document Optimization
  • Trading Text-analytics
  • Crowdfunding Portals
  • Lender, Vendor & Borrower Platform

P2P Lending Platforms

The platform lets you to offer unlimited functionalities to lenders and buyers willing to involve in P2P lending. The world wide web has opened new vistas. Person to person/peer to peer lending (p2p lending) became the most recent in money acquisition and investment trends.

How P2P lending platforms are changing the landscape in lending/borrowing?

With changing times, and digital transformation, this too is been taken to a digital level where several platforms are available online to let people avail funds by connecting them with the people who might be interested in lending the amount. The process is completely digital and online. People offer an interest rate differing from 3% to 8% and offer quick disbursements within just a few hours. The collaterals as such needed are minimal which makes it more convenient for the borrower. However, the lender has a bigger risk!.

Modern Lending versus Primitive Lending versus Banking

Banks need lots of guarantees before lending money, so do the primitive lenders. However, modern lending needs no guarantee and provides quick help. Looking at the popularity of P2P lending, banks and other financial institutions have

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Fintech Industry Solutions

We strongly believe that embracing Digital transformation is the primary need of any business to stay
in tandem with the perennial advancement. Hence, we deliver unveiling.

Loans & Cards Marketplace

Our team of qualified professionals consistently analyse the problems faced by borrowers and develop the appropriate solutions to resolve to the core with the help of advance processes and technology.

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Vendors & Brokers Platform

>Smart – Seamless – Swift Through its advanced yet user-friendly capabilities, Pro-Automated Proctoring System by Webb9 can simplify all the complexities in the overall recruitment mechanism and speed-up the hiring process by 70%.

Business and Operational


Offer the payment gateway with multiple payment options from various banks across the world..

Business Process

Achieve the desired targets with effective and streamlined Business Process management.

Wealth and Asset

Keep a check on your total value and have the wealth and asset value calculated rightly.