Custom Hospital Management System Software (HMS) Solution

A hospital and EHR software management software which enables you to run your hospital, clinical, and operational processes.

Modern User Interface

Modern User Interface

Patient Management

Patient Management

Doctor management

Doctor management

Nursing management

Nursing management

Ward & OT Management

Ward & OT Management




Doctors can automate workflows and enhance patient care efficiency with our custom hospital management software development services. Providing comprehensive software development services for the healthcare industry, DigiPrima also specializes in the development of custom mobile apps and technology-based solutions for the healthcare industry.

Hospital Management (HMS) Solution We Offer

Patient management

Our patient management solution can help address challenges facing the healthcare industry by centralizing and coordinating patient health and personal information across the hospital, while also supporting unhindered clinical communication. By promoting better patient outcomes and engagement, this implementation ensures optimal process efficiency and quality.

  • Care delivery cycle tracking
  • EHR and EMR
  • Treatment planning
  • Healthcare CRM
HMS Software Solution
custom medical software development services

Appointment scheduling

Because we are uniquely qualified to address your special needs and meet your expectations through agility and operational excellence, we can provide appointment scheduling solutions that will help you to handle appointments quickly, easily, and efficiently.

  • Automated provider availability tracking
  • Self-service appointment management
  • Appointment reminders
  • Patient registration forms

Inventory management

Focus more on growing your business and let DigiPrima Inventory streamline your business. Our custom hospital inventory management software that will help you manage, track and control your stock.

  • Medical supplies availability monitoring
  • PAR level management
  • Restocking forecast
  • Asset tracking with IoMT
Electronic medical records Software
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EHR software Software Solution

Laboratory management

Our team of software developers can help you digitize and coordinate your hospital lab workPatient management :flows and strengthen testing quality control. We also specialize in creating and supporting specific lab workflows for your clinical trial.

  • Test sample data capture and update
  • Patient information integration
  • Test ordering
  • Tests result storage

Medical staff management

The easiest way to track your medical personnel, stay in touch and help them be efficient even when on the go. Schedule medical staff into a variety of roles with our flexible scheduling app.

  • Shifts scheduling
  • Payroll management
  • Performance assessment
  • Personalized training
CRM system solution
CRM system solution

Pharmacy management

Cut down costs and safeguard margins with inventory control using a pharmacy management system. Experience in pharmacy management to manage medicine information, expiry items, and inventory.

  • Automated dispensation workflows
  • E-prescription verification
  • Stock management
  • Drug demand forecasting

Ward management

Our ward management system provides windows to the nursing staff by letting them monitor all their wards on a single floor. In this module, special units like OT and ICU are managed effectively and practically by tracking all the services connecting patients to their defined wards.

  • Ward rooms categorization
  • Real-time bed availability dashboards
  • Bed status change notifications
  • Patient assignment to wards and beds
Medical billing software Solution
Medical billing software Solution

Telemedicine & patient monitoring

Our remote patient monitoring software solutions equip patients and healthcare providers with a powerful and customized alternative to traditional healthcare, with remote tools that integrate data and doctor-Patients use communication.

  • Synchronous communication
  • Patient data integration
  • In-built data analytics
  • AR/VR-powered features

Operational data analytics

A hospital has different departments that require new information to be gathered and analyzed. We develop analytics and reporting engines that gather data on various hospital aspects and provide a panoramic view of the facility through visually compelling graphs and dashboards.

  • Employee efficiency monitoring
  • Facility performance assessment
  • Patient satisfaction evaluation
CRM system solution
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The best products depend on engaging and motivating users. We use behavioral science and human-centered design to build products that meet goals.

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The way things have always been done is not always the best, especially in health technology. But change isn't always progress. We push ourselves to innovate on what matters most.

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Privacy and security are human rights. We believe in going the extra mile to ensure transparency, confidentiality, and security of our products. Fitness is totally personal, and we think it should stay that way.

DigiPrima hospital management system success stories


At ID Care, we have over 50 board-certified physicians with an intimate knowledge of infections and how medications interact with them. Through our expertise and compassion

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MDout is a healthcare research and analytics company in United States, That focuses on empowering health organizations to be able to better track, manage and improve health data.

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Sigvaris Group

As SIGVARIS GROUP, we are a reliable and experienced partner to our customers around the world which include Pharmacies, DME, Orthopedic and Medical Specialist stores as well as Medical Professionals and Hospitals.

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Hospital Management Software Development Services We Offer

These are areas where we can deliver bespoke services that have a long history of stunning results with our talented team infested boldly with brains:


Our consultants help medical organizations set up the optimal digital environment by advising on technologies that fit your company, help you choose the most appropriate solutions for your business, and draw up an efficient plan for their implementation.


DigiPrima's team of experienced developers is ready to build any type of HMS solution as per your business requirement. We employ software application development best practices, keeping security and industry requirements in mind.


Integrate your software with third-party applications and ensure their interoperability and security, while simplifying the adoption of value-added extensions down the road. An advanced healthcare application integration solution involves complex integrations.

Support & maintenance

Our experts help healthcare start-ups and enterprises keep their software fully operational, secure, flexible and cost-effective. We provide multiple levels of support services, including pre-support, 24/7 performance monitoring, and timely upgrades and optimizations.

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