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DigiPrima Introduce the Advanced Online Proctoring Software

  •  Available as fully automated proctoring or a hybrid 'Human proctor + AI-assisted' solution.
  •  Works seamlessly across mobile devices.
  •  Uses advanced video and audio analytics to monitor suspicious activities.
  •  Offers real-time communication via chat for candidate queries.
  •  Comes with the Safe Exam Browser option for extra security.
  •  Choose from different proctoring modes such as live or recorded proctoring.

Our Online Examination System Features

Candidate Authentication

Face Recognition

Precisely scans and Identifies face-features, authenticating right candidate is being proctored.

Multi Face Detection

Seamlessly recognizes presence of others around, ensuring candidate was alone during the assessment.

Voice Detection

Correctly analyzes and detects audio-nodes, validating identity during the authentication process.

AI-based Online Examination System

Eyes Tracking / Movement

Consistently monitors and records candidate’s eye-lids, restricting redundant eye-movements.

Keystroke Biometrics News

Accurately scans keyboard typing patterns, validating candidate’s identity during the assessment.

Browser Navigation

Intelligently monitors browser activities, ensuring candidate stayed on one browser throughout the test.

Video Recording

Constantly analyzes and records candidate’s actions, preventing any unfair deed during the test.

Screen Sharing

Efficiently generates real-time screen sharing feeds, restricting candidate from browsing another website.

Idle Screen Detection

Effectively tracks screen movements, affirming webcam or wear cam were active during the assessment..

Short-Keys Disabled

Disables keyboard shortcuts (like CTRL+C/X/V), preventing copy and paste of text from other sources.

Suspicion Alarm

Automatically identifies suspicious activities, empowering proctors to raise flags and / or terminate the test.

Red Flag Alert

Red flags are given when the test-taker exhibits clear cheating behavior. If a technical issue or question arises during an Examity appointment

Human-based Online Exam Proctoring

Live and Recorded Monitoring of Exams

Examiner access candidate video and screen recording.

Live Chat

Candidate and examiner access Live communication for any exam issue.

Any time End Exam

Examiner access full control for any time candidate end exam.

Automated remote online proctoring offers consistent results at-scale, which translates to more affordable world-class solutions

Easy to Use

Just open the app in your System to take a hassle-free remote proctored online test. It is student-friendly, convenient - secure and easy to use, comfortable remote proctoring experience. Academic integrity with proctor track. Cheat-proof online proctoring exam detect the live chat.

Student Privacy Secure

All student data is handled in compliance with regulations, protected with military-grade encryption, and purged in accordance with our data retention schedule - proud signatory of the Student Privacy Pledge.

Automated Proctor

Remove the manual element for a less intrusive, more comfortable online proctoring experience. Helps utilizes an automated, DigiPrima approach to online course exams

Excel with Integrity

Get the credit you deserve, and emerge from a level playing field with a more valuable degree. Having academic integrity is important because it provides value to your degree.

Features Backing Your Exam Portal.

A New Innovation In Online Examination

Exam & Data Security

Get email and app notifications when someone tries to copy-paste, print screen or multiple login attempts.

Export Data

Backup most essential data and reports in Excel files. Export questions, test results and performance reports.

Upload from Excel & Word

Upload question bank in large size using Excel in one go. The best authoring tool for online exams.

Certificate Maker

Create classy and professional certificates. Customize it with your logo, text and templates with company branding.

Instructor Accounts

Create sub-user such as exam managers, data entry operators and content providers. Assign access rights accordingly.

No branding

Remove branding from your exam pages, email templates, and reports to give them the professional touch and make it your own.

Detailed Analysis

Advanced analytics that provides in-depth, informative reports for each exam, question, difficulty level, subject, candidate or performance.

Complete Remote Access

Digiprima is an award winning online examination and knowledge management solution. We are serving clients across Education Institutes, University, Trainig Institute and corporates.


create & upload Excel candidates can an account in your exam portal.

Custom Email Templates

Tailor-made email templates for the welcome, sign-in details, notifications, and information that needs communication in time.

Printable Reports

Generate beautiful and print-ready PDF reports. Print the exams and reports making optimum use of paper and ink.

Awesome Support

The best-in-class phone and email support available for crucial exams. Conduct tests with confidence.

Create Exam Candidate

Set Exam Schedule

Invite Candidate

Identify Candidate

Live Exam Monitoring

Analysis & Create Report

Online Exam Software with Face Recognition, Artificial Intelligence, Highly Secured.

Online Examination System from DigiPrima Technologies is a futureready platform cleverly devised for School College Exam System, hiring managers, empowering them to assess and appoint the desired candidates precisely matching their unique preferences..

“Our platform has a facility to define questions and answer in any of the languages, Question/Answer editor supports multiple languages like English, Arabic, Hindi, Spanish, German, etc. You can define questions in any language as per your requirement using "HTML" Editer power.” ― S.K. Hasan