Financial Data Analytics Software for Enterprises

Our financial analytics software will help you with effective visual analysis of your financial data. Gain meaningful insights
using our financial analytics tool with interactive Power BI Reports.

A New Era of Financial Analytics & Data Science

Financial data analytics doesn’t have to be daunting. When you need to understand your business and make decisions that improve your bottom line, DigiPrima’s financial data analytics solutions will help. With the power to analyze and consolidate your data, perform real-time trade analysis, standardize reporting, and more, our solutions give your organization data analytics software it needs to take data-crunching to the next level.

Balance Sheet Analysis

For the balance sheet, you can separately find out the details of net working capital, accounts payable and accounts receivable, inventory and fixed assets.

Cash Flow Statement

You can dive into your overall cash management performance and detailed account balance activities and metrics.

Profit & Loss Reports

For P&L you can find out the details of Revenue, Margin, Operating Expenses, and Profit separately with the ability to switch to '% of Revenue' view with a simple slicer selection.

Planning solutions for financial planning & analysis

Planning, budgeting & forecasting

Deliver dynamic, reliable plans, forecasts and budgets with speed and ease. With business analysis at its core, you can infuse AI, predictive insights and advanced analytics into your process to make smarter business decisions and drive future-ready business performance.

Profitability modeling & analysis

By examining different aspects of the business model, A1 Model Management provides insight into profit and cash flow. The results can be used to make informed decisions about product, customer, channel, and model changes. By using a flexible set of decision-support tools, you can gain new insights into the drivers of revenue and profit.

Operational planning

Aligning financial plans with operational plans is one of the best ways to create a holistic view of the business and drive better financial outcomes. Since financial budgets are often linked to human resources, aligning human resource planning with financial plans can help identify budget gaps as well as predict future demand for employees.

Dynamic User Designs, Smarter User Navigation

Product Innovation To Maximize ROI, Advance Business & Create Amazing Customer Experience. DigiPrima UI/UX experts will design the perfect desktop, mobile, or web application to meet your specific business requirements and industry needs.

  • Information Architecture Design
  • User Experience (UX) Development
  • User Interface (UI) Development


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Take advantage of modern finance analytics software

Next-Gen Fintech Software Development Solution

Our developers leverage their financial software development expertise to build robust fintech solutions for revamped workflow managements.

Key features of Financial Analytics Software

  • Flexible security
  • All your data in one place
  • Fully cloud-based software
  • Single reporting environment
  • Tailored to your organization’s needs
  • calculations according to your requirements
Financial Data Analytics Software

Financial analytics dashboards

Zoho Analytics lets you slice and dice your finance data the way you want. The pre-built dashboards give you a quick birds-eye view of all your financial metrics like purchases, invoiced amount, profits, churn rate, budget vs spend, etc.

Data Science in Finance Industry
Financial Analytics Software Solution
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Financial Analytics Software Overview

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