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Navigating the Future of Tracking: The Evolution of User Interface in Tracki’s Global Tracking Devices

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Business TypeIoT
ClientTracking GPS

Product Overview

Tracki, an esteemed provider of IoT-driven tracking solutions, introduces the Tracki 3G GPS tracker—a versatile and compact device engineered to deliver global real-time location tracking capabilities. With its built-in SIM card and small form factor, Tracki ensures users have peace of mind by enabling them to monitor their valuable assets from anywhere, at any time


Global Connectivity : Ensuring seamless tracking capabilities across different countries posed a significant challenge due to varying network infrastructures and regulations. Providing consistent connectivity for users regardless of their location was essential.

Miniaturization : Creating a GPS tracker with a compact design while ensuring strong performance and long battery life posed significant engineering hurdles. Balancing size constraints with functionality required careful optimization and innovative design solutions.

User Interface Design : Creating an intuitive and user-friendly interface for the Tracki app to accommodate a wide range of users, from individuals to businesses, demanded meticulous attention to UX design principles and user feedback incorporation.


Global Roaming SIM : Tracki leveraged global roaming SIM technology to ensure seamless connectivity in any country, eliminating the need for users to switch SIM cards or worry about compatibility issues. This allowed users to track their assets reliably regardless of their location.

Advanced Miniaturization Techniques : Through extensive research and development, Tracki's engineering team employed advanced miniaturization techniques and optimized component placement to achieve a compact design without compromising performance or battery life. This resulted in a GPS tracker that is both highly portable and efficient.

User-Centric Interface : Tracki prioritized user experience by designing an intuitive and user-friendly interface for its mobile app. Incorporating user feedback and usability testing, Tracki optimized the app's layout, navigation, and feature set to ensure that users could easily access and interpret tracking data.

Our Role

Software Design


Software Developments


Software Testing


Software Deployment


How DigiPrima Helped Tracki



DigiPrima Technologies collaborated with Tracki to conceptualize innovative solutions for overcoming challenges in global tracking. Through comprehensive discussions and analysis, we identified key requirements and objectives to develop a robust tracking solution tailored to Tracki's needs.


Developing the Solution

Our team of experts leveraged advanced technologies and industry best practices to develop Tracki's 3G GPS tracker. Through agile development methodologies, we ensured rapid prototyping and iterative refinement to meet Tracki's project milestones and deliver a solution that exceeded expectations.


Integrating the Solution with the Application

Integrating Tracki's tracking solution with the existing Tracki application posed technical challenges. However, our team successfully integrated the solution, ensuring seamless interoperability and data exchange between the tracker device and the Tracki app.


Deploying the Solution to the Client

After rigorous testing and quality assurance processes, we deployed Tracki's solution to the client, ensuring a seamless transition and minimal disruption to operations. Our deployment strategies ensured optimal performance, scalability, and reliability, enabling Tracki to offer a transformative tracking experience to its users.

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Ensuring Excellence: Our Commitment to Quality Assurance and Continuous Improvement


Robust Technology Suite

Our technology suite ensures dependable management of traffic and content flow in the application, aligning with the seamless streaming expectations of clients and users.


Agile Development Process

We follow agile methodology where we review the changes and the requirements on regular basis and make sure to deliver the solution exactly like the client wants.


Quality Assurance

We guarantee the deployment of error-free solutions through thorough testing and quality checks. For updates or concerns, support is readily available.

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