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Made a 3D Fashion Design software for the Paint Bucket

Make your own 3D fashion design app or sofware that helps you create unlimited designs easier and faster than ever.
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3D Clothes Design Software | Build Fashion Design App | Three.js / Fabric.js

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Paint Bucket is a 3D fashion design tool that helps designers create clothes with total freedom. This will help you see your products in any trim or color.


Clothing Industry


and Fabric.js


Paint Bucket is an online fashion design software that helps you create unlimited designs easier and faster than ever before. View your creations in 3D and get a custom-fitted pattern in seconds. 

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Over the past decade, 3D technology has made significant strides, and the fashion and apparel industry is increasingly integrating 3D into its design processes. Many retailers and brands use 3D visualization, and virtual sampling to optimize workflow, drive product development and enable personalization and have adopted 3D to visualize products at the design and fitting stages. The client was looking for a Three.js/Fabric.js experts team to create a 3D fashion design tool.

The client sought DigiPrima's assistance in creating a strategic roadmap to create a 3d fashion design software that would allow it to transform its leadership while becoming more professional and sustainable in a competitive era.


After brainstorming a high-level roadmap, our Three.js/Fabric.js team and project coordinator started working on the project and got the project live within a month. You can use paint bucket features for 3D fashion design. Included Features :

Build  3D Fashion Design software

1. Design a complete fashion collection in minutes :

The Paint Bucket software allows you to create original designs in seconds with one click, from sketches to 3D samples, for Instant smart fashion design.

2. Create real garments in real time:

Visualize the exact fabric, fit, and silhouette of your designs faster than you can imagine them.

3. Simple and intuitive :

Paint Bucket gives you a familiar, easy-to-use interface that enables you to visualize your designs in a way that is quick and hassle-free.

4. Efficient from end to end :

Significantly reduce your time-to-market with virtual sampling and remote collaboration

5. Create sustainably :

Designing with Virtual Garments cuts down on sample production, shipment, and material waste.

Build clothes design software

Build 3D Clothes Design Software OVERVIEW

Build smartest 3D fashion design software
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