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OpenAI Text Generator for Newlane University

Automate your education business using OpenAI Generative Text to assist teachers, grade reports, maintain reports,
scale virtual AI schools and AI classrooms, and much more. Take a quick look at our
Newlane University case study.

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Newlane University is a text generator API, making your life easier with New Lane AI Writer's seamless integrations into your existing workflow.


Information Technology


React, Node.js

PRODUCT (Newlane University) OVERVIEW

An innovative AI tool that assists you at every stage of the writing process. Generate custom text with compelling facts that are backed up by reliable sources. Create unlimited smart content - Personalized learning, Smart content creation, Digital lesson generation, and customised data-based feedback. 

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The multifunctional AI text generator tool is not only a lucrative business idea but it also offers a cluster of conveniences to the users. The New Lane group was finding it challenging to build AI based tools to generate content for web, articles, email, personalized learning, digital lesson generation, and customized data-based feedback. and many more. They were looking for an expert to create an open AI-based tool to generate text.

The client sought DigiPrima assistance in creating a strategic roadmap that would allow it to transform its leadership while becoming more professional and sustainable in a competitive era.


After brainstorming a high-fidelity road-map, our Open.ai team started working on the project and got the project live within a month. You can use the Newlane tool features to generate high-quality content for your audience. Included Features:

1. Customized data-based feedback

Newlane University's AI text generators work quickly and don't make spelling or grammar mistakes. It follows guidelines to be consistent in all the content it produces.

A data-driven feedback system helps with student satisfaction, removes the bias factor from learning, and helps in understanding where skill gaps lie. It is prepared as per the performance of each student and staff as recorded in the feedback system.

2. Better Conversions with students

The newlanes of AI-generated support meet students' requirements and provide the student with the necessary information about the degree, and courses. This way, readers will not have to waste time searching for additional information on the Internet.

3. Task automation

With AI in schools and virtual classrooms, technology takes over most of the value-added functions. Along with creating an optimized learning process, AI software systems can take care of checking homework, grading tests, organizing coursework, maintaining reports, and making presentations and notes, among other administrative tasks.

4. Frequent content updates

The AI also allows students to create and update information frequently to keep the lessons up to date over time. Students are notified each time new information is added, which helps them prepare for upcoming tasks.

5. Improves Content Quality

New Lane AI text generators work quickly and don't make spelling or grammar mistakes. It follows guidelines to be consistent in all the content it produces.

6. Humanizes the text

This type of tool, Natural Language Processing (NLP). Articulating specific audiences brings written content closer to them and can help you increase conversion rates.

7. 24*7 support with conversational AI

Chatbots are an increasingly familiar example of how AI in education consumes data to inform itself and provide assistance accordingly. It benefits both business professionals and teachers in terms of student engagement in customized learning.

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