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Multivendor Auto parts Marketplace Development for CARSBEAT

You want to build auto parts multivendor online marketplace selling car
spare parts, car accessories, engines, car exhaust systems, etc. Take a look at CARSBEAT Marketplace case study.

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CARSBEAT is a multivendor auto parts marketplace based in the United Arab Emirates. It is a dedicated and exclusive platform for buying and selling New & Used Spare Parts and Used Cars in the UAE.




  • Laravel 5.2
  • My SQLi
  • HTML5, CSS3
  • JS, Jquery
  • Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator


CARSBEAT is the biggest integrated platform for Individual Users, Garage Owners, and Spare parts sellers who connect on a single platform and gives an impressive turnaround time.

Backgound : The client approached us with a very ambitious project idea of building the first online auto marketplace in the UAE. Will connect buyers with car dealers and private sellers. The client's request was to build a multi-seller marketplace where users can easily buy or sell cars, trucks and motorbikes. The key requirements for the future solution were simple workflow, fast loading and mobile optimization.

Multivendor Auto parts web development


Create a minimum viable product of an auto marketplace in a short time frame.
Build a scalable multivendor marketplace that will allow users to:

  • Onboard and manage car spare parts sellers and distributors for different car brands.
  • Manage a location wise list of auto parts sub-stores.
  • Show different prices and inventory for location-wise car parts and accessories sub-stores.
  • Fulfill auto parts and car spare parts orders using the store nearest to the customer's location.
  • Streamline the shipping and logistics management of auto parts orders. 

marketplace development for autoparts

The Solution

Created a working MVP solution on time and on budget to raise the initial investment. It further evolved into a complex and high-performance auto marketplace.

Built a progressive web application to optimize the platform for smartphone owners. 80% of potential users go online through smartphones with weak internet connections. By implementing PWA technology, we have ensured that buyers and suppliers can easily access the platform even when the internet connection is slow.

Created a fast-loading web solution. In this way, users can freely navigate the website and explore its content on the go. In addition, the high loading speed positively affected the number of visitors, increasing the traffic on the platform.

Key Features :

  • Convenient search and filters .
  • Inventory management with order tracking .
  • Store locator to find the nearest provider / dealer.
  • Radical transparency & accountability.
  • Variety of payment and shipping methods .
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