10GenJobs is end-to-end job website for candidates,

Market Opportunity

10GenJobs is end-to-end job website for candidates, employers/HR executives and recruitment consultants. 10GenJobs, is always focused on each city it operates in – keen to support candidates in getting appropriate jobs, and employers getting good candidates for their vacancies. In each of these cities, we try to build the largest database of candidates and jobs.

Product Overview

While building the database our key focus is also on finding local jobs for candidates who are interested in the same city.

As a part of this exercise, we very keenly encourage and support local businesses for their hiring requirements. The business could be in any sector – products or services or NGO, including manufacturing, trading, services, hospitals, retail, restaurants & hotels, pharma, accounting, construction, etc etc.

10GenJobs database for jobs and candidates is fine-tuned on daily basis using Artificial Intelligence. We continue to collect more and more data points to yield best results for the candidates as well as for the organizations.

Technical Challenges

In order to meet our client’s vision, our approach included.

  • We built a team of engineers as an extension or our client’s research and in-house experts.
  • We implemented a customized SCRUM framework for project management.
  • We adapted a continuous integration and delivery model to meet their needs.

Loan Lending App Development

Our Technical Expertise

Our approach allowed us to provide our client with:

  • An optimized, transparent and predictable development process with defined roles and iterations.
  • A continuous delivery model and timely product deployment.
  • Superior quality of code due to continuous integration practices that control defects during build and integration sprint cycles.
  • A maintainable and scalable product thanks to a properly designed architecture and properly refactored code.
  • Enhanced collaboration between product owners and development teams.
  • A quality assurance competency lead who is responsible for setting up all test case tools.

Key Features

  • Cloud-based Fin Tech platform
  • Credit and CIBIL Report.
  • Compare Mutual Funds.
  • Compare Loans & Cards.
  • Quick approval and online Processing

    Tech Stack

    • Laravel 5.2
    • My SQLi
    • HTML5, CSS3
    • JS, Jquery
    • Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator

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