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Custom Point of Sale System for Retail Business

Build your own custom POS system to meet business needs. Customize your POS
system to turn it into an unbeatable suite of retail solutions.

Built A POS System for Retail Business | Custom POS Software Solution

POS Software Solution


POS (Point of Sales) System is an all-in-one digital transformation platform for local businesses based in Waltham, Massachusetts, USA.


Information Technology


Django, Angular, Scala


POS (Point of Sales) System is a platform for retailers that helps SMB owners and operators improve the guest experience and brand engagement.POS (Point of Sales) System offers a point of sale, website services, SMS marketing, digital gift card sales, digital ordering, VOIP services, and more. 

Custom POS System Solution


Using manual billing and a manual coupon system was time-consuming. To keep up with the customer pressure during peak hours, we have to deal with them at a faster transaction rate. Slow transaction rates are a roadblock between customer satisfaction and profits. Identifying and tracking what goods are moving out is a major challenge for retailers.

"David Arzumanyan", the owner/CEO of POS (Point of Sales) System, was taking all these things seriously, and to deal with the problems of retailers, he decided to build a custom POS Software system, and he started looking for Software Engineers or Software Development Companies.

The client sought DigiPrima's assistance in creating a strategic roadmap for creating a custom POS software solution that would allow its leadership to transform while becoming more professional and sustainable in a competitive era.


After brainstorming a high-level roadmap, Digiprima has understood the business needs and challenges and implemented the following solution.

Point of sale solutions for retail

  • Coupon-based transactions (Customer pays the bill and the software generates coupons at a very fast rate)
  • The software also prints the KOT separately for the specific kitchen. We just feed the items into the software, and it automatically prints the KOT in the respective kitchen. Transaction time is greatly reduced by using this method.
  • DigiPrima provided a very good, efficient and fast installation and training about the software.
  • Now you can restrict users from viewing reports and they can focus on their specific tasks.
  • Our customers are very much satisfied with the newly installed system, now they don't have to wait much longer for their billing.


Here are 10 must-have POS features for the modern retailer:

  • Offline Capability.
  • EMV Payments.
  • Mobile Payments.
  • The capture of Sales Reps.
  • Digital Receipts.
  • Standard Tax.
  • Gift Cards.
  • Discounts & Coupons.
  • Centralized Customer Management.
  • Centralized Product Management.

Retail management software

Benefits Received Using POS Systems

With such systems, we managed to grow our business, now we have...

  • Happy customer.
  • Happy supplier.
  • DigiPrima provided a very good, efficient and fast installation and training about the software.
  • Happy employees.
  • Increased margin.
  • Increase in staff and kitchen management.
  • Increase raw material management.

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