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SchollyMe – Social Platform for Athletes & Coaches

SchollyMe is a mobile social platform for discovering talented athletes and also engages coaches, institutes and fans.

Founder Melvin Nunnery’s big question: How will an online platform engage athletes, coaches and institutes?

Team Digiprima took an unconventional approach while designing the iOS and Android applications of SchollyMe. Our challenge was to make it the best one-stop-shop for athletes’ admission and recruitment.

We made the uploading of student athletes’ full game films, highlight reels, GPA scores, transcripts, SAT/ACT scores smooth apart from the functionality of receiving professional feedback. A unique feature that we added on client’s request was ‘Song of the day’ that would play on each user’s profile.

Testimony of our work

What a Great concept! Recruiting with a Social Media component to keep in touch with coaches, players and fans! – Scott Carper (User)

This is a great app for all Student-Athletes to be recognized by potential College University's recruiting teams nationwide!

The Journey of SchollyMe

Founder Melvin Nunnery from California, USA had been a top athlete along with having a background of working in a music production company. So on a social network mobile app for athletes, he wanted to add ‘Song of the day’ feature that would play automatically on user profiles till the user choose his/her own song to feature on the profile

Team Digiprima accepted the challenge creating several unique features to echo well with young school athletes along with coaches, colleges and universities. We also successfully pulled off a completely secured system of uploading and viewing of students’ transcripts to be accessed only by the coaches.

Client’s pain points What we offered
Student athletes always use social media so they would want a stunning mobile app We will create a stunning UI with a focus on student athlete's’ psyche
We want to launch the mobile apps as quickly as possible to get ahead of the rivals Our 15+ years of mobile app development has made us faster than others
Management of confidential data of students in terms of their GPA scores, transcripts etc needs a sensitive handling We created a strong social framework with privacy algorithms
We want a unique ‘Song of the day’ feature on both iOS and Android apps. How will this feature interact We will give the admin the master key so they can set a new song for all users. The application will have link.

How does SchollyMe engage users?

Easy social networking: Athletes, coaches , universities, colleges and fans can engage on the application through simple sign ups, profile/page creation, sending and receiving friend requests and messages, creating and participating in groups, uploading wall posts etc.

Relevant profile information: Athletes are given broad categories in terms of their specific sport, achievements, scores etc for better visibility and showcase of talent.

Uploading transcripts: Since this is a discovery platform for athletes, they can upload full game films, highlight reels, GPA scores, transcripts, SAT/ACT scores and receive a professional evaluation. They have the option of keeping these private and only upon permission, these documents can be accessed by coaches.

Song of the Day: The application has a unique “Song of the Day” feature. It allows users to express how they feel that day. Users will be able to set “Song of the Day” on their

Profile from their existing Playlist or by purchasing/licensing a song from major streaming services.

Language support: Users can access the application in English and Spanish.

Coaches Search: Unlike regular users, paid college coaches can search athletes by certain criteria such as GPA, SAT, ACT scores.

Tech Stack:

  • - iOS
  • - Android
  • - NodejS for backend
  • - Reactjs for Frontend

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