Financial Advisor Web Design for Finexchange

Created a financial advisor website for Finexchange,
It is An online platform that Improves Efficiency & Transparency between buyers and sellers. Take a look at our case study.

Market Opportunity

An online platform that improves efficiency and transparency between buyers and sellers in the Equipment Leasing Syndication Marketplace. A syndicate desk is a group of analysts or representatives engaged in the research, marketing and pricing of financial securities or instruments. The Syndicate Desk helps in the issues of securities for the company by analyzing the fair prices and buyers for them.

Problem Statement

Billions of dollars are syndicated each month in equipment loans and leases. The current process is outdated and inefficient.

Buyers are constantly searching for new deals, while sellers deal with the challenges of finding homes for their loans or leases. Most transactions require a significant amount of documentation, credit underwriting and back in forth between one or more parties.

Spreadsheets, emails and a limited rolodex is the current way business is conducted. Finance Exchange is revolutionizing how buyers and sellers connect and transact business.

How did we approach it?

We developed online Syndication Desk that has been matching the financing needs of customers with leasing solutions. This platform is a reliable partner for funding institutions, brokers and lessees and connecting the industry's top funding sources and specialty lenders.

Estimated monthly PPC budget over the past five years via SpyFu.

Features and screenshots

Buyer/Seller Profile

Set up your own customized profile to get alerts on exactly the transactions that fit your requirements

Estimated monthly PPC budget over the past five years via SpyFu.

Online Syndication Desk

Easily track deals in the pipeline rather than on spreadsheets and email. In addition, all communications are tracked with each deal and each lender.

How it Works

Sign Up
Sign-up online and get access to your syndication desk
Set Up Profile
So you can get access to only the deals that fit your requirements
Upload a Transaction or Portfolio for Sale
Secure access to multiple buyers
View alerts on potential transaction to buy
Filter the deals you want and get access to new ones
Transact through secure platform
Review deals faster and create a more efficient communication channel

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